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PT. Apparel One Indonesia projects a $397,060 rise in monthly profit after a 14% boost in productivity with GSDCost

With the help of GSDCost’s method-time standards, Apparel One Indonesia has seen significant productivity improvement, with a focus on increasing efficiency through better planning, balancing of production lines and improved quality. GSDCost helps the Apparel One Indonesia team to establish and optimise international standard time benchmarks and accurate SMVs using standard motion codes and predetermined times, which builds the foundation of the manufacturing database for the factory.

IntelloCut’s end-to-end fabric tracking and real-time planning help NST to gain 1% top-line growth and reduce fabric wastage

The AI-driven planning and real-time business intelligence reporting provided by Coats Digital’s IntelloCut help NST to optimise production processes and boost business performance. The Customer  NST, established in 1995, aims to be one of the leading garment exporters in the Philippines, catering to the needs of the top brands in the U.S. and Europe, including […]

Dekko Designs Ltd. gains 1% top-line growth with IntelloCut’s end-to-end fabric planning, tracking and control

Coats Digital’s real-time fabric planning solution IntelloCut helped Dekko to gain control over fabric usage in the cutting room. IntelloCut helped to generate optimised plans based on the real-time cutting floor feedback. As a result of this closed-loop approach of IntelloCut, Dekko was able to reduce the time and effort spent on re-planning.

Elcatex implementa GSDCost para alcanzar la excelencia en la fabricación y mejorar la resiliencia comercial futura después de Covid-19

El fabricante de Honduras integrado verticalmente eligió GSDCost para cuantificar y optimizar los métodos de fabricación y el costo de las prendas, como parte de su Estrategia de Sustentabilidad e Innovación, y para emerger más fuerte a medida que la industria navega por la siguiente fase de la pandemia de Covid-19.

Song Hong reduces planning time by 20%, reporting time by 40% and improves capacity utilisation with FastReactPlan

Since implementing FastReactPlan, Song Hong has seen an improvement in the visibility of all of its production processes, together with the ability to plan multiple orders at the same time. This has resulted in a 7% improvement in the plan versus actual, 20% reduction in planning time and a 40% reduction in time taken to produce reports needed.