Paddock’s Jeans digitizes production planning with FastReactPlan, improving performance to plan by 8% and OTDP by 10%

Since implementing Coats Digital’s production planning and control (PPC) solution FastReactPlan, Paddock’s Jeans has achieved a faster, more reliable order confirmation process and production plan, resulting in improved capacity and critical path management and a significant reduction in reporting time.
IntelloBuy creates fabric saving

Epyllion Group automates its fabric buying process with Coats Digital’s IntelloBuy to reduce fabric buying cost by 2%

Using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and big data analytics, IntelloBuy automated 70% of Epyllion’s fabric booking processes, enabled informed decision making and provided business intelligence through accurate reporting.

IntelloCut helps Crystal Martin track fabric effectively, provide real-time reporting and reduce planning time by 40%

Coats Digital’s IntelloCut helps Crystal Martin plan its cutting room activity efficiently, track fabric effectively and provide real-time reporting, to improve fabric utilisation and reduce wastage. Since implementing IntelloCut, Crystal Martin has reduced its planning time by 40%.