IntelloCut PPE Fast Start

To support manufacturers pivoting part of their capacity to PPE production and take a big stride forward in laying the foundations to win as our industry resets, Coats Digital have launched a Fast Start for PPE version of IntelloCut, a real-time, automated fabric planning solution for optimised fabric utilisation.

In the face of unprecedented demand volatility, cost pressures and increased speed to market, IntelloCut Fast Start for PPE gives manufacturers complete control over fabric usage in the cutting room. It optimises the processes of cut plan, lay plan and allocation, end bit usage and management, tracking, and reporting.

IntelloCut Fast Start for PPE is an automated, closed-loop approach to fabric planning which reduces the amount of effort and time spent on re-planning and at the same time maximises fabric utilisation. Configured to support rapid, remote implementation, IntelloCut Fast Start for PPE can be deployed and delivering significant business benefits in as little as 2 weeks.

Coats Digital is also proud to announce a customer investment fund (CIF) to support manufacturers pivoting to PPE which will reduce the one-off implementation cost of an intelloCut Fast Start for PPE project to just $10,000. Thereafter, access to IntelloCut Fast Start for PPE is provided through a SaaS subscription and starts from just $2,250 per month.

IntelloCut Fast Start for PPE Basic Package*

  • Auto Cutplan and Layplan

  • Execution Control and Re-Planning

  • Cut Plans for selected PPE products

  • Planner / Supervision Dashboard

  • Reporting Module

  • 2 planning users and 5 tablet apps

*Scalable with additional modules for larger / more complex manufacturers


  • One-Off Implementation Costs post Coats Digital PPE Investment.      $ 10,000
  • Monthly SaaS Subscription from                                                                 $ 2,250

Accelerated Implementation

  • Remote set-up, configuration, training and go live support: 16-man days over a 2-3 week period

  • Customer Success program focusing on user adoption, best practice, and maximising business benefits

  • On-going customer support and basic access to Coats Digital Learning Centre

Next Steps

  • To find out more about how IntelloCut Fast Start for PPE can help you pivot to PPE production and lay the foundations for a more cost-efficient, agile, and competitive business in the post-pandemic world …

  • Get in touch with us at

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