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American Phil Textiles achieves a 5% increase in work efficiencies

The T-Shirt and lingerie manufacturing specialist also benefitted from an increase in orders, on-time deliveries, overall profitability and staff motivation; and realised a significant reduction in unnecessary freight costs and overtime hours

Coats Digital is pleased to announce that following the implementation of Coats Digital’s GSDCost, leading T-Shirt & lingerie manufacturer, American Phil Textiles Limited, has realised a five percent efficiency across its factories, as a result of more accurate and transparent costing and capacity forecasting.

By establishing international standard time benchmarks, based on accurate Standard Minute Values (SMVs), American Phil has also benefitted from an increase in orders and revenue; greatly improved OTDP; and a more motivated workforce due to its ability to set achievable performance targets across the business.


  • Blue factory icon Annual production capacity of over 4 million dozen.
  • Outline of a T-shirt and a dress Specialist lingerie manufacturer
  • Blue globe icon China, Thailand and Vietnam
About the Customer

Founded in 1978 as a specialist lingerie manufacturer, exporting primarily to the US and Europe markets, American Phil is now a global business, headquartered in Dongguan, China, with factories in mainland China, Thailand and Vietnam. The company produces over two million garments per month, exports to the US, Canada, Europe, South East Asia, Japan, Korea and Australia and boasts an annual turnover of 100 Million USD.

The Challenge

American Phil Textiles

1.American Phil lacked accurate cost and capacity forecasts which resulted in unreliable efficiency targets and unnecessary overheads

Due to the lack of a robust, scientifically-based method time-cost standard to create accurate cost and capacity forecasts, American Phil was faced with significant uncertainty surrounding its capacity and cost controls, and was consistently unable to respond effectively to incoming product inquiries. With its cost and capacity forecasts based on inaccurate historical working hours data stored across a myriad of IT sources,  the  company suffered unreliable efficiency targets, high defect rates, late deliveries, unnecessary freight costs and unplanned overtime costs.


Following the implementation of GSDCost, American Phil was able to establish international standard time benchmarks based on standard motion codes and predetermined times. This enabled the sales, costing, planning and manufacturing teams to communicate efficiently using the same language, based on a scientific method for correctly analysing manufacturing costs.With a higher quality input of costs and a better production plan, American Phil was able  to realise an overall productivity increase of 5% – reducing its core Standard-Minute-Values (SMVs) from 100 to 95.  This not only meant that the company could negotiate fair product prices with customers confidently, but also enabled the company to take on increased order requests with ease.

Enterprise development must rely on scientific management. Without scientifically-based standard working hours, we are faced with factors such as inaccurate cost controls, unknown efficiencies and uncertain capacity management.

Without this, we are consequently put in a primarily passive position when responding to product enquiries. We chose Coats Digital as our partner because the GSDCost solution is the internationally recognised global standard for time and cost within the garment industry, and I firmly believe that Coats Digital’s knowledge and experience along with its proven technologies, will provide the foundation for our future cost reduction and productivity improvement roadmap.”

Mr Hilary Yue
Production Manager
MeiFei Group/American Phil Textiles Limited

2. American phil optimizes its production with GSDcostAmerican Phil lacked the visibility it needed for department teams to collaborate effectively to assess production workloads

Without an open and transparent capacity platform providing the visibility it needed to create factually stable manufacturing costs or properly assessed production workloads, the management team also found it often had to pay emergency costs to fulfil orders on time.


 With the GSDCost solution onboard, the business, planning and production departments were able to make informed business and costing decisions based on accurate capacity forecasts, which also afforded them significant time gains to focus on other areas of the business.An open and transparent production capacity platform has also enabled American Phil to set achievable productivity goals based on a fair standard of working hours. The introduction of achievable performance incentives has consequently greatly improved staff morale and motivation, as goal setting targets are now based on realisable targets.

Time studies based on historical calculations of standard working hours are time-consuming and inaccurate.

Through rigorous training from Coats Digital’s GSDCost team and the consistent effort of our internal team, we have gradually established our own robust standard working hours database, which has enabled us to reduce our core SMVs from 100 to 95 and greatly improved our work efficiencies by 5%. We can now effectively respond to customer inquiries as well as increasing order demands.

Miss Carrie Lai
Head of GSDCost Project
MeiFei Group/American Phil Textiles Limited

Coats Digital’s GSDCost method analysis and pre-determined times solution is widely acknowledged as the de-facto international standard across the sewn products industry. The solution supports a more collaborative, transparent and sustainable supply chain, in which brands and manufacturers establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ using standard motion codes and predetermined times. This use of a common language and standards supports accurate cost prediction, fact-based negotiation, and a more efficient garment manufacturing process, while concurrently delivering on CSR commitments.

We are delighted to be working closely with American Phil to establish a robust standard working hours database that fully aligns with its ambitious strategy to develop smart and lean production processes, based on scientific and best-of-breed technologies, that will help take it successfully into the future.

From project initiation to project introduction, American Phil’s team quickly grasped the rigorous training required to understand the scientific methods of GSDCost, and the company has now established a standard database of processes, product parts and style, that they should be rightly proud of.

Boris Lu
Customer Success Manager
Coats Digital
Key Benefits and ROI
Productivity increase

Productivity increase of 5%

Improved Capacity Planning

Improved capacity planning

Quality Improvements

Improved quality improvement

Fact-based stable manufacturing costs

Increased orders

Increased orders

Reduction in overtime costs

Reduction in overtime costs

Achievable performance incentive programme

Achievable performance incentive programme

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