Dynamic planning of capacity, critical path and materials

FastReactPlan is the market-leading apparel production planning software solution, supporting a faster, more reliable order confirmation process and production plan which is optimised for delivery, speed and efficiency.

The highly visual, flexible ‘drag and drop’ approach to planning allows effective master planning across multiple factories, as well as fast, detailed and accurate scheduling of manufacturing lines/machines. Critical pre-production activities and material requirements are dynamically driven by the latest plan on a LEAN ‘just in time’ basis, supporting the reduction of inventory and lead time. FastReactPlan is proven to:

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Fast, detailed, accurate planning and order confirmation, resulting in a smoother, more efficient production flow

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Materials and pre-production priorities dynamically driven by the latest plan on LEAN just in time (JIT) basis

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Increased visibility, coordination and control allows elimination of buffers of time and cost.

Reduce Planning Time and Increase OTDP with FastReactPlan

FastReactPlan tool is a production planning and control software system that helps Fashion businesses plan quickly and effectively to support the ever-changing needs of our customers in Apparel manufacturing and provide core foundation for business growth.

Typical business benefits

3 − 10 %

Increase in productivity

10 − 30 %

Improvement in OTDP

10 − 30 %

Reduction in lead time

“FastReactPlan supports the business improvement process by providing visibility and coordination to minimise errors and highlights potential problems quickly so that they can be immediately rectified before they become an issue.”

Managing Director, MAS Active

Key processes managed by FastReactPlan

  • Master planning icon Master planning

    In businesses with multiple factories, the planning process starts on the high-level planning board, which provides the ‘control tower’ view. This allows the Master Planner to manage total demand (projected and confirmed orders) and capacity, and have a consolidated picture of materials and pre-production activities across the business.

    Key benefits

    • Fast, detailed and realistic planning and order confirmation process, with informed order allocation and management of load versus capacity across multiple factories.
    • ‘What if’ planning allows the Master Planner to ‘sandbox’ and consider various scenarios, including the ramping up or down of capacity and the implications reallocation of work across factories/to sub-contractors.
    • Immediate view of order status with colour coding, drill-down and powerful search functions/reporting to support management by exception.

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  • Icon displaying sewing lines and capacities Factory line / machine level planning

    Highly visual, drag and drop planning of the main manufacturing process (typically sewing), using standard minutes, efficiency profiles and start up/training curves. Schedules for supporting bottleneck processes (e.g. embroidery, screen printing), are automatically and dynamically driven by the sewing plan.

    Key benefits

    • Fast, detailed and accurate planning to optimise delivery and efficiency.
    • Importing of production updates for monitoring of plan versus actual and quick re-planning.
    • Colour-coded alerts, with drill downs supports early proactive action and management by exception.

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    Screenshot of Line level planning in Coats Digital FastReactPlan

  • Blue material icon with cog Material supply & demand (MRP)

    Full material requirements are dynamically calculated on LEAN pull principles based on the latest sewing plan, with inventory and open MPOs imported from the main business system to provide a completely up-to-date picture of material demand and supply.

    Key benefits

      • Fabric mill and other material suppliers have clear visibility of priorities to meet the sewing plan from the very beginning, meaning less changes and chasing.
      • More on-time starts of production and a smoother production flow, means improved efficiency and delivery performance.
      • The need to carry higher levels of raw materials and Work in Progress (WIP) to act as a ‘buffer’ to protect on-time start of production is reduced.

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    • Screenshot of Line level planning in Coats Digital FastReactPlan
  • Blue Icon of calendar with ticks in boxes Pre-production critical path

    FastReactPlan provides a mechanism to ensure that all departments, suppliers and customers have shared priorities and clear visibility of the key tasks that need to be completed, by who and by when in order to hit on-time start of production. Target dates are dynamically updated based on the latest plan, and colour-coded alerts highlight late events for early proactive action, and failure reason codes supporting further analysis and continuous improvement.

    Key benefits

    • Shared priorities and clear visibility of key tasks that need to be completed to ensure on-time start of production.
    • More on-time starts of production and less changes to the plan means improved efficiency and delivery performance.
    • Helps identify reasons for failure and opportunities to drive continuous improvement.

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    Screenshot of critical path in Coats Digital FastReactPlan solution

  • Blue icon of graphs on desktop computer Reporting & KPI dashboard for Power BI

    FastReactPlan’s integrated report writing tool provides the flexibility to add bespoke reports to the standard suite of best practice reporting that are delivered as part of the project. The new optional KPI Dashboard transforms data gathered in FastReactPlan into a series of pre-defined visual reports representing industry standard KPIs for garment manufacturing and control. Surfaced in Microsoft Power BI, the visually rich, interactive dashboards and reports provide senior management with up-to-date analytics of actual and projected performance supporting proactive action to drive continuous improvement.

    Key benefits

    • Planners and management spend less time ‘working the numbers’ and more time using data-driven insights to manage by exception. This allows early proactive action which drives improved operational performance.
    • Senior management/director/owner has visibility of KPIs and focus for continuous improvement.

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  • Blue Business Systems Connectivity icon Business systems connectivity

    Simple, robust and proven approach to data interfacing with a wide range of in-house, and commercial business systems from ERP and shop floor data collection, to PLM. To allow for appropriate data integrity checking by the receiving system, data is exchanged through an intermediary (shared) file system on an automatic basis (timed and/or triggered).

    Key benefits

    • Proven and quick to implement.
    • Supports data integrity checking by the receiving system.
    • Easy and quick to change.

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  • Blue Advanced options icon Advanced options

    In addition to the wide range of deep and automated planning functionality that comes as a part of every FastReactPlan project, there are a number of optional modules that have been developed to meet the specific needs of different business types/models. These include:

    • Advanced planning and scheduling (APS)
      Automatic planning of large volumes of orders in seconds considering multiple constraints and planning scenarios.
    • Embellishment/laundry planning
      Automatic rescheduling of multiple connected manufacturing processes considering multiple constraints, including minimum production runs and lead times.
    • Constraint (last and mould) planning
      Tracking and monitoring of machine/product specific tooling such as moulds, lasts and forms, to support efficient planning around hard constraints.

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What our customers say

Delivering real results

베트남 송홍 공장 의류 생산

Song Hong reduces planning time by 20% with FastReactPlan

“We have seen a 20% reduction in planning time which has given me the opportunity to focus on aligning all departments to ensure the plan is agreed upon and then achieved.”

Garment production floor of Paddock's Jeans in Bangladesh

Paddock’s Jeans improves performance to plan by 8% with FastReactPlan

Since implementing FastReactPlan, Paddock’s Jeans has achieved a faster, more reliable order confirmation process and production plan, resulting in improved capacity and critical path management and a significant reduction in reporting time.

Nice Group production floor with with workers

Nice Group increases factory efficiency by 4% with FastReactPlan

“Our planning team now have the tools and the mindset to plan to get the best production efficiency by focusing on getting similar product family running in a longer period.”

Why choose FastReactPlan?

FastReactPlan is the market-leading apparel production planning software solution, designed and developed
specifically for apparel and footwear manufacturers of all sizes.


Key planning constraints of capacity, materials and pre-production critical path are dynamically managed in a single, highly visual and intuitive solution.


The market-leading apparel production planning and control solution. 500+ clients in 40+ countries, 2,000+ factories planned on FastReactPlan.


Developed and delivered by industry experts to address the specific challenges of fashion manufactures, the highly visual, easy to use interface supports rapid user adoption and accelerated business benefits.


Proven to deliver significant, measurable and sustainable improvements in productivity, OTDP, cost and lead time, supporting a typical return on investment of less than 12 months