The digital copy of your production shop floor 

Res.Q is a dynamic suite of digital solutions focused on the point of value creation, the factory shop floor, and leveraging deep industry expertise to deliver rapid data insights, improved decision making and better performance.

Solutions are focused on business critical manufacturing processes, from quality and machine management to skill management, line layout planning and production tracking, connecting and optimising the combined power of man, method and machine to power a more agile, sustainable and efficient factory. Res.Q shop floor solutions are proven to:

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Unlock powerful, real-time data insights to drive continuous improvement

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Create a digital copy of your shopfloor, connecting business critical processes

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Increase speed and agility by harnessing man, method and machine

Typical business benefits

5 − 25 %

Reduction in quality defects

25 %

Reduction in machine rentals

5 − 10 %

Improvement in efficiency

Key processes managed by Res.Q solutions

  • Blue icon of a sewing machine Machine management

    RES.Q | MI is a cloud based machine management solution, built leveraging the technology of NFC to provide management and maintenance teams with real-time insight into the entire machine management process.

    Res.Q| MI helps make sense of the data captured by having it run through Res.Q’s integrated real-time analytical platform to provide decision makers with a range of interactive dashboards for instant, data-driven decision making.

    With a native integration to FastReactPlan, Res.Q | MI allows teams to take a plan which has been optimised for efficiency and delivery, and quickly identify the location and status of the machines required to execute the plan.

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    Screenshot of Res.Q MI machine management solution

  • Blue icon of three people Skills management

    RES.Q | SM is a cloud based skill management solution, built to provide management, HR and work study teams with real-time, skill competencies of their biggest assets, machine operators.

    With the use of the Res.Q |SM mobile application users can update skills, conduct capacity studies, record cycle times and monitor line performance against a certain style in real-time.

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    Screenshot of Res.Q SM skill management solution

  • Blue icon of gantt chart on desktop computer Line layout planning

    Res.Q Smart line is an integrated line planning module, helping IE teams digitize the process of production line planning, line balancing and symbolic layout creation in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

    Also, through the integration of Machine Inventory and Skill Matrix modules of Res.Q, Smart Line is now able to help IE teams map the exact machine and operator for the respective production line, supporting more precise and effective line planning, which can be done in a matter of minutes.

    With native integration of GSDCost to Smart Line and Skills Management, can use optimised method standard for manufacturing a style, including the operational route and standard minute value, and map the exact skills and machine requirements with automatically generate line layouts and skills deployment.

    Once in production, real time capture of actual versus GSDCost standard cycle time identifies opportunities for continuous improvement.

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    Screenshot of Res.Q SL Line layout planning solution

  • Blue factory icon Shop floor tracking

    RES.Q | MES is a production tracking solution built specifically for apparel manufacturing and allowing users to take advantage of multiple tracking methodologies including barcode, QR code and RFID. Starting from bundle creation, ResQ MES tracks the entire garment making flow including embellishment and subcontracting, enabling the tracking of WIP, bottlenecks and delays in the process, providing real time data insights, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement, and supporting a smoother, more efficient production flow with fewer defects.

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    Screenshot of Res.Q MES shop floor execution solution

  • Blue icon of magnifying glass over t shirt Fabric inspection

    Res.Q Fabric Inspection is designed and developed to be used in both Fabric mills and factories to digitize the entire fabric inspection quality (including shade and Shrinkage). The module follows the “4 point” method of inspection and caters to both 10% or 100% inspection based on the company’s preference.

    An optional IoT component for this module makes the inspections even simpler by having the length of the fabric captured automatically in any inspection.

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    Screenshot of Res.Q FI Fabric Inspection solution

  • blue icon of rosette with tick Quality management

    RES.Q | QMS is a cloud-based quality management solution which provides decision-makers with a 360° view of production quality on the factory floor. Streamlining quality inspection with a simple, digital interface-driven process, RES.Q | QMS integrates real-time data capture and analytics to eliminate reporting time-lags, enable faster, data-driven decision-making, reduce wastage, and improve your overall cut-to-ship ratio.

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    Screenshot of Res.Q QMS Quality Management solution

What our customers say

Delivering real results

Colourful patterned fabric hanging on clips in garment factory

The Jolanka Group optimises their shop floor with Res.Q

By using the Res.Q Suite of solutions, The Jolanka Group manages to reduce their end-line defect rate by 25%.

Why choose Res.Q shop floor solutions?

Res.Q leverages deep industry and technical expertise to create a connected, ‘digital copy’ of your shop floor, delivering powerful, real time, actionable data insights which result in more agile, efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes.


Dynamic, connected suite of solutions covering business critical shop floor processes.


Designed by manufacturers, for manufacturers, and focused specifically and exclusively on apparel.


Highly visual, easy to use solution, supports accelerated implementation and business benefits.


At the heart of the Coats Digital’s connected ecosystem of business critical solutions, proven to transform operational and financial performance.

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Get a Digital Copy of your Shop floor with Res.Q

Streamline processes and analyse your shop floor in real time with the industry-leading shop floor management software.

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