Digital transformation is the catalyst for a sustainable fashion supply chain 

Coats Digital business critical software solutions are embedded with deep industry expertise and proven to digitally transform the way fashion brands and their supply chain partners design, develop, cost, source, plan and manufacture.  

Our apparel, footwear and textile specific solutions harness industry best practice and the latest technology to improve speed to market, agility, efficiency and sustainability, and are trusted by brands and manufacturers around the world. 

What we do

Optimise, connect and accelerate

In an increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex world, in which speed, efficiency and sustainability are pre-requisites, we enable brands and their supply chain partners to meet these challengesincreasing transparency and optimising, connecting and accelerating key business processes which have disproportionate impact on sustainable, end-to-end supply chain operational and financial performance. 

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Meet evolving consumer demands with our Brand solutions

Improve visibility with your vendors and enhance your fashion supply chain transparency.

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