Stop wasting fabric and start increasing profit.

FastReactFabric is a fabric planning solution that uniquely connects your fabric buying and fabric cutting operations into a single platform. This combination is the only way to gain the insights you need to track real-time fabric usage and wastage and efficiently plan for complex styles and colorways. FastReactFabric is the leading fabric consumption software trusted by garment manufacturers around the globe. 

The result? Reduce fabric cost, improve fabric use, boost efficiency and increase profit.
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Factual fabric buying that eliminates redundant stock

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Precise fabric planning forecasts that meet demand for increasing colourways and complexity

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Efficient fabric cutting that removes bottlenecks to reduce remnants.

Typical business benefits

90 %

Reduce fabric planning and buying time

2.5 %

Reduce fabric cost

100 %

End to end fabric planning

FastReactFabric - Combine Fabric Cutting and buying

Combine Your Fabric Cutting and Buying Operations with FastReactFabric

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Buy with Accuracy

The buy module of FastReactFabric delivers the most accurate fabric buying forecasts by applying advanced intelligence to your data. These insights help you quickly overcome the challenges caused by complex new styles, increasing colorways and shrinking lead times.

FastReactFabric’s Buy capabilities keep you on top of your fabric needs and booking processes.  

  • 360-degree feedback loop: Complete loop between cutting and booking to accurately estimate fabric requirements for new buys.
  • Speed and accuracy: Process numerous styles at once using big data to ensure quick turnaround in shortened lead times.
  • CAD integration: Integrate with different CAD software to provide instructions for marker-making and reduce manual errors.​​​​​​​
  • Estimation versions: Flexibility to run provisional and actual estimations and use a final version for booking and cutting.
  • Intuitive reports: A wide range of excel-based reports and KPI reports that empower you to make critical business decisions.

Cut with Confidence

The Cut module of FastReactFabric uses advanced algorithms to generate optimised cut plans from millions of possible combinations with one click. You gain complete control over your cutting room by optimising key processes including the generation of cut and lay plans and allocation of fabric. 

The result? Efficient cutting plans that remove bottlenecks and reduce remnants.

FastReactFabric’s Cut capabilities keep you on top of your fabric utilisation.  

  • Roll Allocation: Reduces end-bit waste in lay spreading by intelligently allocating fabric rolls.  
  • Endbits Suggestion: Saves fabric by suggesting ways to utilise eligible end bits to the upcoming lays and saving fabric in the roll form. 
  • Fabric Transfer: Allows the user to transfer fabric lengths from one order to another to increase fabric utilisation.
  • Inflection Alert and Replanning: Alerts the user when sufficient end bits are available to meet the fabric requirement and provides an updated plan accordingly. 
  • Integrates with your ERP: Connect information with your ERP system to reduce manual entries.




FastReactFabric Cut

Why is FastReactFabric the best choice for fabric management?

Adopted by over 150 manufacturers across 15 countriesFastReactFabric unlocks your fabric planning and cutting data, delivering the insights you need to make fast decisions. By uniquely connecting your fabric buying and cutting operations into a single solution, you get the advantage of continuous feedback between the two operations – enabling you to accurately procure and utilise fabric.

IntelloCut training at Song Hong factory

FastReactFabric helps Song Hong factories to save more fabric!

“We believe the Cut module of FastReactFabric is the best solution to manage all cutting process automatically and systematically, which helps our factories to save more fabric, reduce operation lead time and improve both material management and working conditions.”

Quang Bui Viet, C.E.O. Song Hong (Vietnam)

Garment production floor in Bangladesh

FastReactFabric reduced Epyllion’s fabric buying consumption by 2%

“FastReactFabric process automation and accuracy have allowed us to become more dynamic and competitive in the ready-made garment industry.

Using a production-grade cut plan and floor parameters to derive booking consumption, we have been able to replicate the actual production scenario at the time of booking and reduce 2% of our fabric buying expense. We are happy to see the continuous improvement in our fabric booking process.”

Shajedur Rahman (Mithu),
CEO, Epyllion Group.

Man wearing protective glove cutting white fabric with cutting machine

Texeurop (BD) Ltd automates 58% of its cutting room

“FastReactFabric Cut module has helped us to gain full control over fabric usage in our cutting department. Not only has it automated the cutting room planning process but also provided us with valuable insights and detailed reports to analyse our cutting performance, and take informed and data-backed decisions to stay efficient, productive and profitable.”

M. Zulfiker Ahmed, G.M.(Operation),
Texeurop – Bangladesh

Key processes managed by FastReactFabric

  • Blue icon of clip board with cog overlay Fabric planning automation

    Identify fabric buying estimates and the best cut plan and from millions of possible combinations in a few seconds. FastReactFabric automates all the planning processes right from cutplan to lay plan with the ability to change plans in real-time, based on the on-floor variations and feedback.

    Key benefits

    • Fast fabric planning ensures accurate plan and shortens lead time.
    • Tailored cut plan reduces consumption and ensures practical on-floor execution.
    • Replaced manual planning cycle time eliminates duplication of data entry, workload and risk of errors.

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  • Coats Digital symbol on tablet Historical Data Analysis

    Intelligently predict wastage and size-wise breakdown using historical data lookups. Eliminate the use of standard ratios and buffers when faced with incomplete order detail.

    Key benefits

    • Accurate buying leveraging big data analytics eliminates chances of errors and hours spent in estimating size-ratios, wastage and compiling reports, ultimately preventing over-buying or under-buying.
    • Reduce the fabric buying lead time drastically when utilising your historical data for missing data points during the fabric buying process.

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  • Blue ERP icon CAD & ERP integration

    CAD Integration 

    Quickly transfer thousands of cut plans into their CAD systems in one-click. Integration with Gerber, Lectra and Gemini CAD systems aids the marker making process.

    Calculate accurate booking consumption using marker making instructions that are imported into the CAD systems. Marker reports from CAD systems can then be re-imported into FastReactFabric to calculate accurate booking consumption.

    Key benefits

    • Automatically queue thousands of markers in one click using cut plan ratios and all marker making instructions to the existing CAD systems.
    • Eliminates risk of errors and save time with instant import/export of marker details.

    ERP Integration 

    FastReactFabric’s integration with ERP ensures that the two systems can communicate and exchange data smoothly, eliminating duplication of data entry and reducing risk of errors.

    Key benefits

    • Order information can be directly pulled into FastReactFabric from ERP, no manual data entry required, saving time and effort.
    • Fabric usage summary directly updated in ERP resulting in improved visibility of key production data.

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  • Blue icon of desktop showing graphs Business intelligence reporting

    Instant visibility to key metrics with a KPI-driven dashboard with a views based on customer and product. Reports, such as the Fabric Reconciliation Report and Fabric Utilisation Report, provide planned and actual data from the cutting floor to stakeholders.

    Key benefits

    • Identify areas for improvement with insights on cutting room performance .
    • Provides senior management with fast access to accurate information on performance against key business metrics, on any device, driving greater data insights, improved

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The FastReactFabric Advantage


Transforms fabric buying and cutting operations by unlocking the intelligence in your data.


Integrates with other software solutions in the factory for seamless inter-department communication.


Receives real-time feedback from mobile devices to deliver intelligent planning.


Saves on the biggest cost – Fabric. Delivers clear savings of up to 2.5%.

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Smart Fabric Planning with FastReactFabric

Stop wasting fabric and start increasing profit. Buy fabric with accuracy and cut with confidence.

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