The critical importance of sustainability

Driven by a multitude of forces including ethically-minded consumers, sustainable investors and regulatory pressure, and profitability, fashion businesses are beginning to translate sustainability rhetoric and aspirational targets into tangible actions. Taking action to embed sustainable business practices and processes at the heart of a company and it’s supply chain partners accelerates progress towards the urgent environmental and social transformation that our industry desperately requires, as well as driving sustainable growth and profitability.

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Why change?

Time is running out

Translating sustainability targets into actions and outcomes, requires the optimisation, automation and digitization of business critical processes which support increased agility and a move to on demand fashion, more targeted product development, increased efficiency and reduced wastage, as well as the adoption of international standards for sustainable manufacturing methods and living wages in the end-to-end supply chain.

Operational outcomes driving sustainability

The optimisation, automation and digitization of business critical processes delivers significant, measurable improvements in operational performance, driving environmental, social and financial sustainability. Typical business benefits include:

2 − 5 %

Reduction fabric wastage

3 − 10 %

Increase in productivity

100 %

Sustainable work method-time

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Business critical software solutions

Positive impact on people, planet and performance

Coats Digital’s business critical software solutions are embedded with deep industry expertise, and proven to digitally transform the way fashion brands and their supply chain partners design and develop, optimise method-time-cost and drive manufacturing excellence with supply chain partners. 

Coats Digital solutions are fast to implement, intuitive to use and proven to deliver significant and measurable improvements operational performance, driving environmental, social and financial sustainability and supporting a typical return on investment of less than 12 months.

“Time is running out, and simply stating an ambition to change is no longer good enough.”

The Business of Fashion: The Sustainability Gap
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Radley partners with Coats Digital to improve visibility, coordination, and control

Radley is implementing VisionPLM to improve efficiency & speed of key product development & sourcing processes, to support further growth.

OLDO implies Coats Digital’s GSDCost method analysis

Sportswear brand, ODLO, increases productivity by 10% with GSDCost

GSDCost has enabled ODLO to optimise profit margins, secure new business and enhance team members’ motivation and earning capacity