Beyond conventional product lifecyle management (PLM)

VisionPLM is an intuitive, flexible and scalable, browser-based fashion PLM and sourcing solution that streamlines and integrates key business processes. Configured to reflect industry best practices, VisionPLM offers core product lifecycle management and extended sourcing functionality, creating ‘one version of the truth’: from design, material and product development (including tech packs), to sampling, approvals, costing, vendor capacity management, order allocation and purchase order status updates. VisionPLM is proven to:

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Eliminate manual processes and duplication; streamline and improve based on industry best practice; improve efficiency and margin

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Integrate key business processes across departments and with supply chain partners, providing instant access to shared priorities

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Improve visibility, coordination and control to increase speed and agility of design development and sourcing

VisionPLM improves efficiency and speed to market. 

VisionPLM streamlines your apparel manufacturing process and improves business processes from design inception through product development to delivery, achieving the next level of visibility, coordination, and control.

Typical business benefits

2 − 5 %

Increase in speed

1 − 5 %

Reduction in cost

10 − 30 %

Efficiency improvements

“Whilst we were quickly comfortable that the functional footprint and highly intuitive nature of VisionPLM would meet our current and future requirements, what was perhaps the most important factor in our decision to partner with Coats Digital was their deep understanding of the industry, and the confidence that they would be able to add considerable value by supporting us through the change management process.”

Jayne Worden,
CFO, Radley

Key processes managed by VisionPLM:

  • Outline of a T-shirt and a dress Range/line planning

    Flexible and highly visual range hierarchy supports fast, intuitive roll up and drill down of key range planning and budgetary information. This includes the number of targeted styles and options at different levels of the range e.g. buyer, season, department, product type, with associated target price point and margins.

    Key benefits

      • Targeted and efficient design/development.
      • Highly visual representation of progress versus plan with roll up/down.
      • Dynamic, flexible and visual representation of collections.
      • Improved style adoption rate.

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  • Blue Ai logo icon Design integration

    Bi-directional integration with Adobe illustrator (Ai) allows designers to remain focused on creative tasks in their familiar design tools, whilst seamlessly capturing and updating critical style information directly into VisionPLM right from inception. Key information includes, images, size charts, bill of materials (BOM), critical path and sample requests.

    Key benefits

    • Improve creative focus and reduce designer’s admin.
    • Accelerate product development and sourcing by providing visibility of key information at the earliest stage of process.
    • Leverage existing material and product information using libraries and search functionality.

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  • Icon of a fabric roll Material management

    Dedicated and flexible module for managing the entire material development process, including lab dips, approvals, costing, specs, sourcing and critical path. Material requirement planning (MRP) allows consolidation of material demand while material supplier profiles provide a high level comparison of potential raw material and trim suppliers considering, minimum order quantities (MOQs), lead time, costs, etc. for better purchasing decisions.

    Key benefits

    • Drive material development, approvals and sourcing to meet overall plan.
    • Consolidate material requirements and priorities across multiple departments improving purchasing decisions.
    • Provide material suppliers with early visibility of requirements and priorities improving on time deliveries.
    • Early warning of potential issues across multiple styles and fast ‘swap out’ of materials.

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    Screenshot of material management in Coats Digital's VisionPLM solution

  • Blue icon of tshirt on clip board with pencil Product management

    Flexible and intuitive hierarchy provides fast access to style records, which can be viewed in grid or image format to suit the user, with associated mood boards, range plans, costings and latest critical path status. With template libraries, flexible tech pack elements, multi-level bill of materials (BOM) and full version control, VisionPLM provides everything you need to create and manage even the most detailed tech packs.

    Key benefits

    • Accelerate product development through coordinated and shared priority tasks and milestones (critical path).
    • Improved product specification reducing sample iterations, cost and time.
    • Quick assessment of costing options with ‘what if’ and cross costing.。

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    Screenshot of product development module in Coats Digital's VisionPLM solution

  • Blue Business Systems Connectivity icon Sourcing

    Flexible, easy to use cut make trim (CMT), fully factored (FF) and open costings, integrated to material and production operation libraries to manage both bill of materials (BOM) and bill of labour (BOL). Full sample, request for quotation (RFQ) and purchase prder (PO) management with status updates across multiple POs, including several options for seamless remote update and collaboration.

    Key benefits 

    • Fast, accurate costing with full version control.
    • Quickly compare options across material and other options, using ‘what if’ costing.
    • Improve collaboration with multiple options for remote updating of critical path, costings, RFQs and orders.
    • Repository of historic costing information, allowing for granular cross costing and year on year comparisons.

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    Screenshot of sourcing module in Coats Digital's VisionPLM solution

  • Blue factory icon Production

    VisionPLM’s Vendor Module builds on the capabilities of FastReactPlan, the market-leading solution for production planning from Coats Digital, to provide brands, retailers, and sourcing offices with an essential tool for capacity management of high-level suppliers, the allocation of demand (forecast and confirmation) and monitoring and updating of the order.

    Key benefits

    • Balance demand against agreed capacity across multiple suppliers to prevent under/overloading and maximise on time delivery.
    • ‘What if’ planning to model forward demand versus capacity.
    • Colour-coded alerts of delivery, materials and critical path issues support management by exception and proactive action.
    • Supplier updates feed latest order status ensuring all teams are working on up to date information.

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    Screenshot of production module in Coats Digital's VisionPLM solution

  • Blue icon of person wearing tie in box with an arrow pointing left Vendor Portal

    Powering real time collaboration and reducing time-consuming and error prone data entry, while retaining approval control and data integrity. Collaborate on tech packs, costings, samples, and orders, leveraging instant messaging and push notifications.

    Key features and benefits

    • Share only the data you want in this fully secure environment.
    • Collaborate in real time through instant messages, read receipts and browser notifications.
    • Accept, reject or refine changes before importing them into the core system.

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    Screenshot of portal in Coats Digital's VisionPLM solution

  • Blue Icon of calendar with ticks in boxes Critical path management

    Integrated, highly visual critical path management across the end to end product lifecycle including material, style, colour and sample – even extends across purchase orders (POs) and material purchase orders (MPOs). Seamless roll up and drill down of target versus actual critical path ensuring priorities are aligned.

    Key features and benefits

    • Reduces manual tasks and admin with smart workflow to automatically update related tasks.
    • Prioritised tasks provide to do lists for individuals and teams, and ensure priorities are aligned across the business.
    • Colour-coded alerts support management by exception and priority.
    • Failure analysis supports identification of priorities for improvement/action.

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    Screenshot of critical path management in Coats Digital's VisionPLM solution

What our customers say

Delivering real results

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Improve the speed and agility

Mexican based, vertically integrated textile business, Grupo Textil Providencia implements VisionPLM (and FastReactPlan) solutions to increase the speed and efficiency of their end-to-end processes and to support continued growth.


Radley partners with Coats Digital to improve visibility, coordination, and control

Radley is implementing VisionPLM to improve efficiency & speed of key product development & sourcing processes, to support further growth.

Professionals wearing Sodexo uniforms

Sodexo supports accelerated growth with VisionPLM

The Global Supply Management (GSM) team have selected Coats Digital’s VisionPLM to boost productivity and drive connectivity across the supply chain, supporting the business on a global level.

Why choose VisionPLM?


Core product lifecycle management (PLM) and extended sourcing functionality, supporting a new level of supply chain collaboration from design through production to delivery.


Fast Start programme reduces upfront cost and brings forward business benefits, with a scalable, solution to digitize and accelerate product development.


At the heart of the Coats Digital connected ecosystem of business critical software solutions, supporting collaboration across departments and with supply chain partners.


Coats Digital empowers the global fashion supply chain with technology and industry expertise, delivered by local teams looking after local customers to build long term partnerships.

Coats Digital - Digital Transformation of the fashion supply chain

Design and Develop with VisionPLM

Improve visibility, coordination and control with VisionPLM to increase speed and agility of design & development through enhanced collaboration.

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