The critical importance of digitizing your production shop floor

Unprecedented volatility, increasingly fragmented order books and a move to on-demand production, are driving greater complexity and margin pressure in the fashion supply chain. As manufacturers respond to these challenges, capturing and digitizing data in real time across end-to-end manufacturing processes is critical for driving actionable data insights and the feedback loop of performance to plan / standard which is fundamental to enabling early proactive actions, improving decision making and optimising operational and financial performance.

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Reduce defects

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Improve productivity

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Reduce machine rentals

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Why change?

Unlock the full potential of people, method and machine

The largely manual and siloed systems used to manage the complex end-to-end manufacturing processes are unsustainable, and simply do not provide the required level or speed of data insight that manufacturers and their buyers require. With multiple teams working (at speed) in parallel towards a shared goal, real-time data has never been more important. Manufacturers need to unlock the full potential of people, method and machine by optimising and digitizing key processes from machine inventory and line layout planning, to skills management, production tracking and quality management.

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Machine management

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Skills management

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Manufacturing execution

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Quality management

Coats Digital - Digital Transformation of the fashion supply chain

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Typical business benefits

Capturing and digitizing data in real time across end-to-end manufacturing processes provides the rapid data insights which power improved decision making, driving significant, measurable and sustainable improvements in operational and financial performance. Typical business benefits include:

5 − 25 %

Reduction in quality defects

25 %

Reduction in machine rental

5 − 10 %

Improvement in efficiency

Real-time data insights in complex manufacturing processes

Shop floor execution solutions

Digitizing the core of smart factories

The Res.Q suite of highly visual, intuitive solutions, capture and digitize data in real time across end-to-end manufacturing processes. Res.Q provides rapid data insights, and seamless integration to other Coats Digital solutions for comparison of performance to plan / standard to drive continuous improvement.

Res.Q solutions are fast to implement, intuitive to use and proven to deliver significant and measurable improvements in speed to market, cost and productivity, supporting a typical return on investment of less than 12 months.

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GP Garments optimises their Shop-Floor with Res.Q

With Res.Q, GP Garments empowers their team to increase productivity.

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The Jolanka Group optimises their shop floor with Res.Q

By using the Res.Q Suite of solutions, The Jolanka Group manages to reduce their end-line defect rate by 25%.

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Norwood Fashions gains an edge over their production with Res.Q

Norwood has lowered their defect rate and standardised quality with Res.Q shop floor solutions

Coats Digital - Digital Transformation of the fashion supply chain

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