The critical importance of dynamic production planning

Unprecedented volatility, increasingly fragmented order books and a move to on-demand production, is driving greater complexity and margin pressure in the fashion supply chain. As brands and manufacturers respond to these challenges, a dynamic, digitized planning infrastructure is critical for a fast, reliable order confirmation process and a plan which is optimised for delivery, cost and speed.

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Improve delivery

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Optimise costs

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Increase speed

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Why change?

The three pillars of production planning

The manual and disconnected systems used by many manufacturers to manage business critical processes are no longer sustainable. Manufacturers need fast, detailed and accurate planning of capacity across multiple processes, with materials and pre-production activities dynamically driven on a lean pull basis based on the latest plan. This requires the adoption of best practice processes and a dynamic, industry specialist, digitized planning infrastructure.

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Typical business benefits

The adoption of best practice processes and a dynamic, digitized planning infrastructure drives significant, measurable and sustainable improvements in operational and financial performance. Typical business benefits include:

10 − 30 %

Improvement in OTDP

3 − 10 %

Increase in productivity

10 − 30 %

Reduction in lead time

Manage your Production Plan with FastReactPlan

Market leading solution

Dynamic, highly visual planning of capacity, materials and pre-production

FastReactPlan is the market-leading dynamic, garment production planning software solution, designed and developed specifically for fashion manufacturers and used successfully in hundreds of factories around the world. FastReactPlan is fast to implement, intuitive to use and proven to deliver significant and measurable improvements in delivery, cost and lead time, supporting a typical return on investment of less than 12 months.

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Production Planning with FastReactPlan

Boost your garment manufacturing productivity by 5-10% with FastReactPlan

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What our customers say

Delivering real results

Garment production in Song Hong factory in Vietnam

Song Hong reduces planning time by 20% and reporting time by 40% with FastReactPlan

“Planning and coordination are easier with FastReactPlan. It now takes only a few hours to create, review progress and adjust the plan.”

Woman working on a sewing machine in Epyllion factory in Bangladesh

Epyllion increases delivery performance by 58% with FastReactPlan

“Over the past year, our on-time production start has been increased up to 85% and on-time delivery performance (OTDP) has increased up to 95%. Our fabric mill now delivers the fabric 95% on time.”

Garment production floor of Paddock's Jeans in Bangladesh

Paddock’s Jeans improves performance to plan by 8% with FastReactPlan

“With FastReactPlan, we’ve realised a 15% improvement in the capacity forecasting accuracy and a 13% improvement in critical path monitoring.”