The critical importance of fabric planning

Unprecedented volatility, increasingly fragmented order books and a move to on-demand production, is driving greater complexity and margin pressure in the fashion supply chain. With fabric typically accounting for 50-70% of garment cost and wastage in the cutting room stubbornly high in the face of more styles and lower MOQs, the need for fast, accurate estimation of fabric consumption at the buying stage, and planning and execution of cutting is critical to increasing productivity, reducing fabric wastage and protecting margins.

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Improve productivity

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Reduce fabric wastage

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Increase profit margins

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Why change?

Automate and optimise business critical processes

The largely manual and disconnected systems used to manage the complex (and often incomplete) variables which determine fabric utilisation are labour intense and inaccurate resulting in lost time and excess fabric wastage. Manufacturers need to automate and optimise these business critical processes, producing production grade markers and cut plans to drive accurate fabric estimation at the buying stage, with seamless CAD integration, and automate the entire cut order planning and execution process, with real time visibility and reporting.

Typical business benefits

Automating and optimising the estimation of fabric consumption, together with fabric cut planning and execution, drives significant, measurable and sustainable improvements in operational and financial performance. Typical business benefits include:

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Reduction in fabric cost

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Automation of fabric buying & fabric cutting processes

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End to End Fabric planning

FastReactFabric - Combine Fabric Cutting and buying

Accelerate your Fabric Cutting and Buying Operations with FastReactFabric

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Combine Fabric buying and cutting solution for optimised fabric use

FastReactFabric is a fabric utilization planning solution that uniquely connects your fabric buying and fabric cutting operations into a single platform. This combination is the only way to gain the insights you need to track real-time fabric usage and wastage and efficiently plan for complex styles and colorways.

The result? Reduce fabric cost, Improve fabric use, boost efficiency and increase profit. 

FastReactFabric is fast to implement, intuitive to use and proven to deliver significant and measurable improvements in delivery performance, productivity and quality, supporting a typical return on investment of less than 12 months.

What our customers say

Delivering real results

5 Song Hong employees looking at a laptop on cutting table in garment factory

FastReactFabric helps Song Hong to reduce 60% of fabric planning time

“FastReactFabric (formerly IntelloCut) helped us with decreasing 60% of the time required for making a cut-plan. Besides, it pointed out the difference between the Production Consumption and Achieved Consumption, which provided us with a picture for consumption adjustment for the next orders respectively.”

Female Epyllion employee looking at blue and yellow garments in garment factory

Epyllion Group reduces fabric buying cost by 2% with FastReactFabric

“FastReactFabric (formerly IntelloBuy) has helped us to automate 70% of the total fabric booking activities which has resulted in easier management of the booking data and delivery of accurate fabric booking consumption.”

Man wearing safety glove cutting colourful fabric with a cutting machine

Hoodvian Group automates fabric planning and tracking with FastReactFabric

Manually filled lay slips were replaced by system-generated digital lay slips, which reduced the team’s manual effort and saved time. Consequently, the factory team was able to automate 70% of their processes.

Coats Digital - Digital Transformation of the fashion supply chain

Smart Fabric Planning with FastReactFabric

Stop wasting fabric and start increasing profit. Buy fabric with accuracy and cut with confidence.

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