Industry standard solution for costing optimisation and method improvement

GSDCost is the international standard for establishing and optimising accurate method-time-cost benchmarks for sustainable garment cost optimisation and manufacturing excellence.

GSDCost supports a more collaborative, transparent and sustainable supply chain, in which brands and manufacturers establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ using standard motion codes and predetermined times. This use of a common language and standards supports accurate cost prediction, fact based negotiation, and a more efficient garment manufacturing process, while concurrently delivering on CSR commitments. GSDCost is proven to:

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Standardised and optimised method and times improve costing, capacity planning, line balancing and productivity.

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Buyers and suppliers share common language and standards, supporting design for value and win-win negotiation.

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Accurate SMVs improve planning and line balancing, supporting smoother, faster flow and improved OTDP.

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Reinforce CSR

Standardised methods and sustainable times support worker motivation, retention, performance and fair wages.

GSDCost helps you boost profits

Calculate garment SMV’s accurately with the trusted industry software for method, time and cost improvements. Increase your profits through enhanced collaboration and transparency across the supply chain with GSDCost.


Typical business benefits

5 %

Reduction in SMVs

5 %

Increase in productivity

10 %

Improvement in OTDP

“GSDCost helped us to boost and align our efficiency globally. We can now use more accurate information in our business, improving our sewing method and standardising the sewing process.”

General Manager,
PT. Sumber Bintang Rejeki

How it works

Scientific and objective methods analysis

GSDCost is a scientific and objective Methods Analysis process which creates a Method Standard to help establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ for all sewn products, using standard motion codes and predetermined times.

It establishes International Time Standards by applying the appropriate Predetermined Motion Codes to each step in the Method Standard.

These 39 Motion Codes, can be used as building blocks to create thousands of operations and features and unlimited product styles.

Key processes powered by GSDCost

  • Blue icon with stop watch Pre-determined time-motion database

    GSDCost’s core Pre-Determined Time-Motion Database harnesses the power of the scientific analysis of human motion in 39 Motion Codes, each with its associated International Standard Time or Standard Minute Value (SMV). These motion codes are used as building blocks and support the creation 1,000s of operations, features and unlimited product styles, allowing businesses to create their own standard Methods Database based on accurate, efficient and sustainable manufacturing methods.

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  • Blue icon of a sewing machine Method analysis and standard

    The GSDCost solution is used by production and industrial engineers, trained and as Licensed GSDCost Practitioners, to complete scientific and objective Method Analysis of manufacturing operations to create an accurate and consistent Method Standard for costing and production. GSDCost allows sewn product manufacturers to establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ using standard motion codes and predetermined times for each step in the manufacturing method.

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  • Blue icon with notepad and cog Method improvement

    GSDCost is used by trained and Licensed GSDCost Practitioners to analyse all operations in the factory establishing accurate and consistent times and assembling a complete Style analysis for Costing and Production. This scientific process then creates an accurate and consistent Methods Database for the business.

    Trained Practitioners can use GSDCost as a Method Improvement tool to investigate the detail of the analysis, and to identify opportunities for improvement which, once approved, are saved as new updated versions of the analysis.

    Method and time standardisation provides strong foundations for optimising each operation in the production line to improve the current method and boost overall productivity. Standardised garment construction methods also improve consistency of product quality, resulting in fewer defects.

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  • Icon for profitability and wage Costing optimisation

    Scientific costing using international standard motion codes and pre-determined times support open, fact-based approach to design for value and manufacturing, with accurate cost prediction and win-win pricing negotiation.

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  • Icon of a scale Optimised planning and line balancing

    GSDCost supports the accurate SMV values which are essential for accurate capacity planning and line balancing, supporting a smoother production flow, increased efficiency and improved on time delivery performance.

    With accurate and optimised method standards, manufacturers with GSDCost are able to plan with more confidence, shortening ‘learning curves’ for new styles and achieving a smoother production flow, which is increasingly critical to driving efficiency and on time delivery in the face of smaller production runs.

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  • Icon for profitability and wage Fair wage tool

    The globalised fair wage tool brings a new level of visibility and transparency to discussions on time, cost and compliance. Combining the international standard minute value (SMV) to produce any given style, with detailed factory efficiencies, contracted hours and the agreed wage rate, allows brands and manufacturers to quickly agree the wage allowance for any given order, in any factory in the world, and benchmark this against international fair wage standards. This ensures high standards of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethical Compliance for brand and manufacturer.

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  • Blue icon of 3 files on a desktop computer Global standard data libraries

    Global standard data libraries developed for specific product types (e.g. intimates, jersey knit leisure and athleisure), come pre-built with standardised components and typical operations used in the manufacture of these product types, providing businesses with the opportunity to leverage established industry standards to accelerate the process of building their own Methods Standards database.

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  • BLue digital feedback loop icon Digital feedback loop

    GSDCost comes with a native integration into the Res.Q shop floor suite of solutions, allowing the solutions to work together seamlessly to provide a digital feedback loop of actual versus standard minute value at the operation level, highlighting variances and opportunities for proactive, continuous improvement.

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What our customers say

Delivering real results

OLDO implies Coats Digital’s GSDCost method analysis

Sportswear brand, ODLO, increases productivity by 10% with GSDCost

GSDCost has enabled ODLO to optimise profit margins, secure new business and enhance team members’ motivation and earning capacity

Sumbiri team having a discussion in the Phase-1 of GSDCost training

PT. Sumbiri boosts productivity by 13% with GSDCost

GSDCost allows PT. Sumbiri to create accurate method standard for production, to help establish & optimise international standard time benchmarks & accurate SMVs.

Woman worker working on a sewing machine in Sabrina factory, Taiwan

GSDCost implementation is the catalyst for change at Sabrina

By using GSDCost, the innovative garment manufacturer, has increased productivity efficiencies by 15% as well as significantly improving methods.

Why choose GSDCost?

GSDCost is a SaaS solution with a globalised fair wage tool and digital feedback loop which takes time-cost benchmarking, costing optimisation and method improvement to a new level and places people at the heart of the recovery from the global pandemic.


Replaces manual methods used for estimating production time with digitized, fact-based scientific solution leveraging industry standard techniques and processes and the latest software architecture.


The globally acknowledged Time-Cost Manufacturing Standard for the sewn products industry, used by brands, retailers and manufacturers around the world, now with a fair wage tool.


Proven as the basis for establishing accurate method, time and cost standards, and then driving improved, sustainable worker performance and productivity.


Improves manufacturing methods, supports accurate costing, optimised planning and line balancing, reduces defects and improves productivity and on-time delivery, while reinforcing CSR.

GSDCost-Method time cost solution

Save Time and Cost with GSDCost

Increase profits with fact based costings using proven industry standards and methodologies.

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