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Video: ApparelTech boosts productivity with FastReactPlan

by Coats Digital

January 18, 2024 Production Planning, Videos
6 Mins Read

ApparelTech Co. Ltd is a leading outdoor and lifestyle clothing manufacturer, headquartered in South Korea and with factories in Vietnam and Indonesia. Established with a commitment to excellence, the company has carved a niche for itself in the fashion industry, producing 11.5 million pieces a year for many of the world’s largest retail brands. 

Driven by a visionary approach, ApparelTech aims to stay at the forefront of technology by adopting solutions that support their journey towards operational excellence and sustainable business growth.  

Faced with significant challenges in its production planning processes, ApparelTech adopted FastReactPlan six years ago. Struggling with inefficient production processes, suboptimal On-Time Delivery Performance (OTDP) and prolonged lead times, especially in the order confirmation process, ApparelTech turned to Coats Digital. 

Upon implementing FastReactPlan, ApparelTech experienced a transformative shift in their operations. The solution provided them with comprehensive visibility into their production processes, enabling proactive problem prediction and adjustment of production lines based on accurate order information and delivery expectations. This newfound visibility resulted in a 9% improvement in productivity and a remarkable 7% enhancement in delivery performance. These improvements directly impacted the company’s profit margins positively, showcasing the tangible benefits of the solution in optimising operational outcomes and accelerating business growth plans. 

Watch the video (Vietnamese with English subtitles):


Watch the video with subtitles in other languages:


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