Event details

  • Date: 10/01/2024
  • Time: 2 PM India / Sri Lanka | 1:30 PM Pakistan | 2:30 PM Bangladesh | 8:30 AM GMT UK

Optimising Negotiations: Enhancing Brand/Vendor Collaboration with GSDCost

In this era of ever-changing consumer demands, fashion transcends the traditional benchmarks of quality and cost. Sustainability, beyond the conventional “green” narrative, is now a non-negotiable. Coats Digital invites you to explore how this paradigm shift impacts the fashion industry and why contextualizing sustainability is crucial.

Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the evolving realm of fashion and address the pressing challenge faced by brands and their supply chain partners: striking the delicate balance between cost efficiency and sustainability.

Coats Digital have an industry language that ensures labour costs are not only protected, but fully evidenced and are the foundation of fact-based negotiations – driving real visibility, transparency and accountability in fashion’s supply chain.

Key discussion points:

  • Beyond Green: Unpacking the multifaceted dimensions of sustainability in fashion and how to guard against labour cost greenwashing.
  • Establishing a Unified Language: Discover how adopting a common language can create a robust framework for safeguarding labour costs while enhancing brand/vendor collaboration.
  • Shifting from ‘Trading’ to ‘Fact-Based’ Negotiations: Gain insights into the essential steps required to transition from traditional ‘trading’ style negotiations to a more data-driven and evidence-based approach.
  • Transparent Costings for Real Visibility: Understand the methodologies and practices that can be employed to achieve transparent and accountable costings that support sustainable and ethical business practices.

Join us on January 10th as we navigate these pivotal topics and provide insights into some of the global brands and vendors who are leading the way. Brand/vendor collaboration is the only way forward. GSDCost is the only solution that can help you achieve a balance between sustainability and cost, without having to make compromises.


Stuart McCready-Stocks
Global Commercial Director – Brands, Coats Digital

Stuart is the Global Commercial Director of Brands at Coats Digital – a global technology business transforming the fashion supply chain.

He leads partnerships with brands for digital transformation and advocates for the much-needed sustainability and transparency factors intertwined across the fashion supply chain.

Neeraj Rana
Solutions Consulting Manager, Coats Digital

Neeraj is the Solutions Consulting Manager at Coats Digital – the software arm of Coats Group plc.

With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Neeraj thrives on designing and implementing strategic solutions that propel our team and clients to new heights.