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The Hams Group selects FastReactPlan to meet growing demand for smaller order quantities and more styles  

By streamlining business critical information into a single digitised source, FastReactPlan will significantly optimise data visibility across relevant teams; increase efficiencies and help to mitigate risk in an increasingly volatile global trading environment.

Coats Digital and its key industry partner, Diverzent, are delighted to announce that leading vertical garment manufacturer, The Hams Group, has selected Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan as an integral part of its digital transformation agenda.

Production at Hams GroupThe solution will enable the company to connect and consolidate information across disparate sources into one highly visual unified system. This will enable management and employees to benefit from a clear overview of planning and production capacity to ultimately support enhanced customer satisfaction and drive new business growth. 

Established in 1994, The Hams Group employs over 12,000 people, boasts an annual turnover of over 95 million USD per annum, and remains one of the leading vertical textile manufacturers in Bangladesh. The company specialises in knitwear, woven garments and lingerie, and its customers include H&M, Primark, K-Mart, Next, New-Look and Kohl’s, among many others.

The Hams Group’s business portfolio includes knitting, dyeing, printing and sewing businesses, as well as specialist distribution and sports apparel arms.  

Coats Digital is one of the most highly regarded fashion technology companies in the world and we felt it was the obvious partner to help spearhead our digital transformation agenda.

FastReactPlan will provide the overaching data visibility we need to optimise efficiencies, enhance our customer service by delivering smaller and increasingly complex orders on time, and enable us to future-proof our business effectively so we can better navigate our uncertain world. Most importantly, FastReactPlan will enable us to create meaningful growth plans based on accurate insights and informed business decisions so we can now fully propel our business forwards.

Shaifur Rahman
Senior Director
The Hams Group

With important information siloed in different places across the business, The Hams Group did not have the clear visibility it needed to respond to production or capacity problems quickly. Finding solutions proved complex and time-consuming and as a result, the company not only found it difficult to put together a viable long-term business strategy, but also to meet growing customer demands for faster, more diversified assortments. 


We are delighted that The Hams Group has chosen Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan as a key solution in its digital transformation programme. Consumer preferences are rapidly changing and demand for more diverse, shorter lifecycle assortments is increasing.

Manufacturers must remain on their toes to keep up with latest trend demands, and we look forward to ensuring that FastReactPlan delivers the insights, efficiencies and agility The Hams Group needs to not only meet growing consumer expectations, but to stay consistently ahead of the game.

Ayan Barua

Hams Group Production

It has been an absolute pleasure partnering with business automation experts, Diverzent, to ensure the successful, seamless future roll out of FastReactPlan across The Hams Group. 

FastReactPlan will enable The Hams Group’s planning teams to input key data just once, greatly reducing workloads and human errors to significantly improve the response speed of its planning processes – and we look forward to working closely with Diverzent to help the Hams Group achieve future digitisation objectives over the coming years.

Philip Lee
Partnership Development Director
Coats Digital
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