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Industrias MyR supports business growth with FastReactPlan

One of the Latin America’s most recognised sports apparel manufacturers is implementing FastReactPlan to streamline planning processes, improve coordination and control, and reduce inventories.

Since its foundation in 1996, Industrias MyR has developed a reputation as a reliable, trusted supplier to leading global sports apparel brands including Puma, Adidas and Charly.

Recognised as a trusted supplier that is able to deliver at high speed to market, MyR was acknowledged by Puma in 2016 for the development and production of the soccer kit for the Mexican Club Chivas, one of the most recognised teams in Latin America. In recent years, MyR has diversified its product lines to include a wide range of apparel and accessories for the military and police forces.

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The company has two facilities in Guanajuato, Mexico: a cutting and embellishment facility with state of the art cutting and sublimation equipment and a sewing facility with 1,800 operators. MyR is currently making a major investment in a fabric mill to offer vertical integration to its customers, and the opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce lead times, as well as investing in doubling the capacity in sublimation, sewing, finishing and warehousing.

Serving a dynamic market in which demand is hugely affected by the performance of the soccer teams, requires seamless execution of product development, quick response to demand changes and prompt identification of potential issues to adjust plans as required.

Edgar Pena Junior, Operations Managers stated, “From our early days, innovation and strong investment in the latest technology have been our main drivers to satisfy our customers, increase our competitive advantage and grow. It is not enough to invest only in equipment. It is also necessary to have the systems that allow us to manage our business, identify issues and complete actions in a timely manner.”

“The industry expertise of Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan will allow us to benchmark our current procedures to best practices and adjust as necessary. This is an additional benefit that we will have from the project.”

Edgar Pena Junior, Operations Managers
Industrias MyR

Edgar continued, “Over the previous years, we have been able to increase our business at a very high pace. As the market conditions get more challenging, the product becomes more complex and the pressure to reduce lead time increases, we needed to replace our semi-manual processes with a solution that can provide us with the information we need in a quick and accurate manner. We need our team focused on solving the problems rather than crunching data to understand what these are, and to do this we are implementing a new ERP and FastReactPlan in parallel.”

“We are expecting to recover our investment in less than 6 months, based on a conservative efficiency improvement of 3% alone.”

Edgar Pena Junior, Operations Managers
Industrias MyR

FastReactPlan will include detailed planning of screen printing and sewing operations allowing Industrias MyR to identify in a highly visual way, potential problems in a timely manner. Host order substitution will be used to automatically replace forecast with sales orders. FastReactPlan’s critical path planning board will allow Industrias MyR to manage the product development activities, and full MRP will provide the required information to manage the sourcing of raw materials. The dashboard will provide upper management with key performance indicators that will make it possible to track the results of the continuous improvement efforts.

Oscar Gonzalez, agent for Coats Digital in Mexico and Central America said, “It is a privilege to work with such a well-recognised and respected manufacturer as MyR. We appreciate their trust in our solution and expertise, and are looking forward to successfully completing the implementation that will provide MyR with best-practice planning processes as well as the tools to efficiently manage their increasingly complex operation.”

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