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Date: 11 Apr 2024

Location: India

Company: Coats Digital

Senior Software Developer (.NET)


Work from Home in India or Sri Lanka


Full Time

Ideal Experience

4-6 years

Role Purpose

At Coats Digital, we build SaaS (Software as a Service) applications running on Azure, built with continuous delivery using the latest .NET technologies.

Our customers work in the fashion industry (brands and manufacturers), and we help them with planning, costing, scientific calculations, and optimising their operations.

As a Software Developer, you will be part of a team that builds and maintains our application ecosystems. In that team, you will work alongside QA, DevOps and Product professionals.

Principal Accountabilities and Key Activities

  • Build cloud-native applications using modern .NET (C#) technologies.
  • Play a leading role in project planning, software design, and DevOps build activities.
  • Convert discussed stories into appropriate designs, code, and unit tests.
  • Build and maintain DevOps processes that build and deploy our applications.
  • Author and maintain application documentation.
  • Document team working processes and contribute towards process improvements.
  • Support and mentor teammates and become a leading personality in the team.

Education, Qualifications and Experience


  • Be recognised as a .NET developer with good experience in .NET Core, .NET Framework and .NET Standard.
  • Have good experience with ASP.NET – JavaScript, Razor Pages, MVC, Web APIs, and/or Blazor.
  • Experience with or exposure to SPAs such as Vue, Angular or React.
  • Comfortable with source control and able to merge and review peer work.
  • Prior commercial experience in a similarly mature organisation, working in an effective team.
  • An understanding of OO, design patterns and modern architectures.
  • Willing to earn technology-specific accreditations as part of our Microsoft Gold Partnership.
  • Open to continuous learning and able to guide others with their training. Always taking advantage of our training budgets.
  • Champion for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and comfortable with Git/GitHub flow.
  • Excited to be a vital part of a team.


  • Azure DevOps or GitHub experience.
  • Fashion industry experience.
  • Manufacturing experience.