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Coats Digital - Digitally Transforming the Fashion supply chain

Corporate Video: Introducing Coats Digital

September 21, 2022 Corporate, Videos
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Coats Digital is the leading digital transformation partner for the fashion supply chain, powering sustainable processes and high value insights through connected technologies. We leverage deep industry and technology expertise to help brands, sourcing companies and manufacturers optimise, connect and accelerate business critical processes from design and development to method-time-cost...
June 6, 2024 Method Time Cost Optimisation, Supply Chain Solutions, Sustainability

Why the Fashion Industry Needs Standardisation

To clear the high bars necessary for supply chain visibility, due diligence and disclosure, and regulatory compliance, fashion should look...
8 Mins Read
AOB Interview Coats Digital
May 14, 2024 Production Planning, Supply Chain Solutions

Coats Digital’s Tech Solutions Driving Production Efficiency

Tech businesses are essential in overcoming the obstacles that arise in maintaining a seamless supply chain. As an industry leader...
2 Mins Read
March 29, 2024 Method Time Cost Optimisation, Sustainability

Manufacturing Excellence and GSD Workshop for Lululemon’s strategic vendors

Insightful event at Coats Vietnam Factory focusing on Manufacturing Excellence and GSD methodology for Lululemon's strategic vendors
2 Mins Read
March 6, 2024 Method Time Cost Optimisation, Supply Chain Solutions, Sustainability

H&M Tech Forum Dhaka, Bangladesh

H&M Tech Forum Dhaka brought together 600+ vendors from across the globe to share insights and drive progress.
2 Mins Read

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