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Coats Digital’s Tech Solutions Driving Production Efficiency

by Coats Digital

May 14, 2024 Production Planning, Supply Chain Solutions
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Tech businesses are essential in overcoming the obstacles that arise in maintaining a seamless supply chain. As an industry leader in the global RMG market, Coats Digital provides strong software solutions backed by actual industry knowledge, enabling garment and textile producers and brands to effectively automate critical procedures. Its network of industry-leading solutions support shopfloor execution, production planning and control, fabric optimisation, design and development and method-time-cost optimisation.

Implementing digital technology gives manufacturers the adaptability to change with the market, whether it’s modifying production schedules or cutting waste on the factory floor. Manufacturers who embrace the use of technology now not only set themselves up for success in the current market environment, but they also provide the foundation for future relevance and competitive advantage.

Production Planning Automation for garment manufacturers - Coats Digital

Along with increased productivity and profitability, Coats Digital’s Software as a solution (SaaS) approach provides a strong answer to the conundrum of costs, as implementing technology involves expenses as well. It ensures that even smaller RMG companies can access cutting edge digital solutions without incurring enormous upfront expenditures.

FastReactPlan – Coats’ production planning software supports a faster, more reliable order confirmation process and production plan. It describes the production targets, required resources, processes and overall schedule which are optimised for delivery, efficiency and speed.

“Our Bangladesh customers are generally realising a reduction in lead times of up to 30 per cent, improvements in On-Time Delivery (OTDP) between 10 per cent – 30 per cent and around a 10 per cent increase in productivity – simply by implementing this one business critical solution,” says Md. Ariful Islam Arif, Senior Sales Manager, Coats Digital, Bangladesh.

Tusaka, a key production partner for top fashion brands, gains significant on-time delivery improvements to meet shorter lead times and increases small-scale orders with FastReactPlan. Additional benefits of FastReactPlan include an efficiency increase of 5 per cent, higher employee job satisfaction, reduction in overtime and a drop in self-absenteeism by 7 per cent. Garment manufacturers Azim Group, Texeurop and FCI (BD) are also having similar experiences in terms of improvement as Azim Group has observed improvements in planning efficiency by 15 per cent, Texeurop is seeing an increase in on-time delivery performance by 15 per cent and production cost savings of 14 per cent, with FCI (BD) seeing increasing capacity utilisation by 5 per cent and additionally gaining a 15 per cent in production planning and saving US $ 6,000 in total airfreight costs. Silken Sewing, a knit garment manufacturer, realised a 20 per cent increase in productivity, a 23 per cent increase in capacity availability and a 23 per cent increase in order intakes with FastReact Plan.

“CoatsDigital is pushing more of its business vital solutions into the cloud by converting its technology investment from a capital expenditure (Capex) to an operational one (Opex),” states Md. Ariful Islam Arif.


This article originally appeared in Apparel Online Bangladesh (AOB) Magazine, May 2024 issue.

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