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Brandix Group selects FastReactPlan to support strategic initiatives

As the leading apparel manufacturer looks to expand the business, they needed a solution that would strengthen their decision making and have the ability to grow with them

Brandix is Sri Lanka’s largest apparel exporter with a vision to be “The inspired solution for branded clothing”.

Their vertically integrated supply chain, expanding global network of manufacturing and operating locations, an inspired employee base and infrastructure have helped the company deliver millions of garments to their customers.

With strong competencies in product development and marketing, the Group also has an excellent track record of market-leading initiatives ranging from environmentally friendly ‘green’ factories to its overall ‘World Class’ supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, focusing on speed, flexibility, cost efficiency and innovation.

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The Challenge

The role of a supply chain partner in the fashion industry has evolved from that of executing a well-defined order, to being an integrated partner to a brand. Whilst the traditional focus of manufacturers was on production efficiency alone, the demands of the current role necessitate reliable information across the supply chain and how it relates to the core function of the supply chain.

Why FastReactPlan?

Historically, Brandix had used FastReactPlan as a tool for planning production capacity only. However, with ambitious growth being pursued in terms of customers, markets and products, Brandix has also invested in an ERP system (Lawson M3) to ensure the availability of reliable and timely information. To support this system from a planning perspective, Brandix looked for a solution that had the following features;

    • Agility in being able to effect constant business changes efficiently and derive the resultant impacts thereof.
    • Being able to plan multiple scenarios so as to decide on the best option.
    • Integration of all components of the supply chain in creating the most efficient and realistic plan.
    • Ease of integration with the ERP.
    • Manage a time and action calendar that lends itself to the proactive execution of the plan.

Udena Wickremasooriya, Director at Brandix Group commented, “FastReactPlan has all these capabilities and the team behind it has given us the confidence that it can move in line with our evolving requirements.”

Return on investment

“Our businesses have witnessed significant growth, and the investment in FastReactPlan has enabled us to establish and maintain a vibrant planning function without having to increase our headcount in planning.”

“The significant shift that we have been able to make from manually prepared sources of information to extracts from our systems has helped us make better-informed business decisions.”

Udena Wickremasooriya, Director
Brandix Group

A view from the top

Ashroff Omar, CEO of Brandix Group explained, “As customers play closer to the market and order books become more fragmented, complexity in the planning function has risen. FastReactPlan has facilitated our dealing with this complexity by being a tool that is able to cope with our challenging requirements. Its ease of use has been positive, resulting in it being used by planners and senior managers alike.”

“Our focus is on strengthening the integration between FastReactPlan and Lawson M3 to access intelligent information with minimal manual intervention, and make better informed and more proactive decisions.”

“As customers play closer to the market and order books become more fragmented…FastReactPlan has facilitated our dealing with this complexity by being a tool that is able to cope with our challenging requirements.”

Ashroff Omar, CEO
Brandix Group
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