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Hirdaramani to Roll-Out FastReactPlan across the group

The Hirdaramani Group manufactures both knit and woven products for a wide range of customers including Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Tesco, Nike and Ralph Lauren.

An original pioneer of the Sri Lankan garment industry, today Hirdaramani Group employs over 28,000 people across 6 countries, including numerous manufacturing locations in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The company recognises the importance of technology adoption in achieving the challenging goals of cost control and maximum operational efficiency, combined with exceptional customer service.

“We had been aware of Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan for a number of years and already realised that it has a mature solution with a reputation for excellent customer service. As the pressures on the industry have grown, we came to realise that the ability to plan quickly and effectively to manage changing requirements and to achieve a high level of management visibility is simply essential for the modern apparel business.

Closer research led us to confirm FastReactPlan as the best tool to meet our requirements, plus it had already been integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, our chosen ERP solution, which was essential for us.”

Aroon Hirdaramani, Director
Hirdaramani Group

Coats Digital has installed the latest ‘FastReactPlan’ version of its planning solution in two of its Sri Lankan business units, including macro (factory) level capacity management and reporting, plus detailed (sewing line) level scheduling of each factory site.

The Sri Lankan business units have recently achieved ‘go live’, signalling the way for the Group to roll out the solution to the remaining business units within the next few months. Successes in recent months include:

  • full integration with the ERP solution, resulting in significantly reduced manual data entry and risk of errors
  • a faster, more effective planning process, including improved ability to respond to changes
  • more effective use of time in the planning team, allowing it to focus on improving efficiency and operational cost

The next stage is to adopt a continuous improvement approach with all clusters, combined with specific key performance measurements (business level KPI).

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