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Birdy Exports of Bangalore improve efficiency with FastReactPlan

"We are confident that from the visibility and coordination FastReactPlan has brought to the business, it has contributed a minimum of5% overall improvement on efficiencies.”

The Company Birdy Exports is a hybrid manufacturing and sourcing business. Their own manufacturing business has 1200 employees and produces 10 lahk (1 million pieces) per year for European buyers like CWF, Petit Bateau, Aigle & TBS. Additional capacity from their network of South Indian specialist suppliers enables Birdy to handle a wide range of styles from heavy army jackets to simple round neck single jersey tops in knits.

  • icon factory Production capacity – 1 million pieces per year
  • Blue icon of three people 1200 employees
  • Blue globe icon India

5 %

improvement in efficiency

Why FastReactPlan?

Mr. Denis Germain CEO explains “Birdy handles more than 400 styles per annum with multiple delivery destinations, colour combo and an average order quantity between 2000 to 3000 pieces. Manually handling the above complexity was too difficult to control, and FastReactPlan was chosen to help control the whole process from receiving the order through product development and manufacturing to shipment.”


Mr. Mahesh, Supply Chain Manager commented that the implementation was straightforward “FastReactPlan is highly user friendly, it took just one month for us to grasp the concept and to date it has been a highly satisfying experience. We quickly started to hold the weekly production meeting around FastReactPlan. This helped the team understand how FastReact, being a single coordinated plan across all departments could make their day to day working life much easier. From FastReactPlan we get visibility, help to prioritise and to balance the workload across different production lines. Basically we always know where we stand.”


“We are confident that from the visibility and coordination FastReactPlan has brought to the business it has contributed a minimum of 5% overall improvement on efficiencies. We have just initiated LEAN Manufacturing at Birdy and found FastReactPlan will help us quickly achieve many of our LEAN goals including pull system ordering of the materials based on the PCD (plan cut date), and reducing the WIP levels between various operations.

So we expect to achieve further benefits related to reducing lead times and inventory in the coming months.”

Mr. Denis Germain, CEO
Birdy Exports

Mr. P. Ramesh Coats Digital FastReactPlan Country Manager comments: “So many businesses undergo heavy fire fighting yet still incur excess costs like overtime/ air shipments because they struggle to control the process with manual planning methods, email and long working hours. The benefits that Birdy Exports have achieved are very significant and we hope that the above statements will encourage many similar companies to embrace the FastReactPlan way of planning and get the control and visibility that can make all the difference to business profitability and sustainable working practices.”

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