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Dekko Designs Ltd. gains 1% top-line growth with FastReactFabric (formerly IntelloCut)

Bangladesh’s leading garment manufacturer Dekko Designs Ltd. chose Coats Digital’s FastReactFabric to implement best practice fabric planning and cutting execution to improve business profitability.

Dekko Designs Ltd. Bangladesh choses FastReactFabric (formerly IntelloCut) as part of their digital transformation strategy.

Dekko Designs Limited, a part of Dekko Legacy group, is the leading garment exporter in Bangladesh, manufacturing for top brands in the United States & Europe, such as Kiabi, Espirit, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. Since it established in the 1950s, Dekko Group has focused on delivering superior and consistent product quality to the consumers.


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1 %

top-line growth

1 %

wastage reduction

The Challenges

1. Increased time and effort due to manual fabric planning

The manual fabric planning and execution process was time consuming for the Dekko team and led to multiple errors. The organisation needed a digital solution that could automate the processes and effectively yield substantial opportunities to improve process control and significantly reduce errors and ultimately lead time.

Solution: FastReactFabric’s automated fabric planning and execution

Coats Digital’s real-time fabric planning solution FastReactFabric helped Dekko to gain control over fabric usage in the cutting room. FastReactFabric(formerly Intellocut) helped to generate optimised plans based on the real-time cutting floor feedback. As a result of this closed-loop approach of FastReactFabric, Dekko was able to reduce the time and effort spent on re-planning. The automated planning and real-time data visibility also helped the team to identify and eventually reduce errors.

“FastReactFabric’s(formerly Intellocut) auto-generated reports for various departments have helped Dekko to make data-backed business decisions quickly and save huge amount of time and manual effort.”

Rohit Abhishek,
Project Manager, Coats Digital
2. Limited fabric utilisation and increased fabric wastage

Dekko Designs Ltd. was keen to boost their fabric utilisation and reduce the wastage but did not have the appropriate tools to do so. Additionally, since there was no fabric tracking on the production floor, there was no way for the team to track and then work to reduce the wastage.

Solution: Improved fabric utilisation, reduced wastage and top-line growth of 1%

With the help of FastReactFabric’s end-to-end fabric tracking, the Dekko team could now identify the exact fabric wastage. FastReactFabric also helped to deliver information on the types of wastages and deep insight on the areas where they can save fabric (avoidable wastages) through reports like ’Aggregated Reconciliation‘ and ’Fabric Reconciliation‘. Consequently, Dekko was able to reduce their fabric wastage by 1%.

With all the improved processes set in place and visibility on the fabric consumption, the Dekko team improved their fabric utilisation and gained 1% top-line growth, as they were able to cut 1% extra garment pieces with the same amount of available fabric.

Fabric Cutting floor at Dekko Designs, Bangladesh
Fabric Cutting Department at Dekko Designs Ltd.
A group of people discussing on the cutting floor of a garment factory
FastReactFabric (formerly IntelloCut) on-floor training by Coats Digital team at Dekko Designs Ltd
3. Increased end-bits on the floor

End-bits are the smaller fabric pieces that are left after a fabric roll is used in a lay. The increased complexity in styles and orders increased the end-bit generation on Dekko’s cutting floor. Since the process of recording, tagging and management of end-bits was done manually, it became difficult for the factory to fully utilise the end bits which ultimately resulted in increased fabric wastage.

Solution: Improved end-bit management through splicing and fabric tracking

While planning of fabric, FastReactFabric also takes the end-bits into account to ensure that the least amount of fabric is wasted in the entire process. FastReactFabric delivers continuous feedback to the factory, which means it is easier to keep a track of the end-bits generated on the floor in real-time. As a result, the Dekko team can now modify the cut plan as per the actual end-bits generated on the floor. The FastReactFabric team also introduced the process of splicing which ensured that the end-bits generated are utilised within the same lay to achieve maximum fabric utilisation.

“We have created a special department inside the Dekko factory by the name of FastReactFabric (formerly Intellocut) which focuses on the best utilisation of fabric at all stages of production. Working with the diligent team of Dekko was a great experience, and we look forward to help Dekko achieve greater heights in business through FastReactFabric.”

Rohit Abhishek,
Project Manager, Coats Digital
4. Loss of time in manual reporting

The manual reconciliation and report generation not only took valuable resources but also a lot of time. Manual reconciliation was prone to errors and also made it difficult to analyse vast amounts of data to get meaningful insights. The factory wanted a solution that could give them real-time reporting to make data backed and informed decisions.

Solution: Automated and insightful fabric reporting through FastReactFabric

FastReactFabric’s automated reporting of the cutting room data enables the Dekko team to analyse the production floor trends in real-time with a single click and avoid delays in making business critical decisions.

FastReactFabric reports cater to all the departments and can be generated on the basis of customer, style, order and customised time-duration. Coats Digital has extensive expertise in implementing FastReactFabric at manufacturing units and has been proven to save up to 5% of the fabric cost, bringing down the overall manufacturing cost and furnishing significant potential savings and reporting accuracy

Key benefits and ROI

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1% top-line growth

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1% wastage reduction

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Automated fabric planning, execution, tracking and reporting

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