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MAS Active achieve substantial performance improvements with FastReactPlan

The top sportswear supplier dramatically improved performance to plan, increased factory productivity and enhanced customer service

Sri Lanka based MAS Active, the sports and leisurewear division of MAS Holdings, is the fastest growing provider of competition sportswear and leisurewear in the region.

They supply to key strategic business partners: Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Ralph Lauren plus other leading brands.

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98 %

OTDP reached with FastReactPlan


days reduction in planning time


days reduction in finished goods inventory

Embracing change

Prasanna Jayasekera, Chief Operations Officer at MAS Active, said,As an established Coats Digital customer, MAS Active has long realised the value of good planning, but when the business model changes, it is vital that a solution can grow and change with the business. The MAS Active business has changed design and technical innovation, speed of response and flexibility, which are fundamental to maintaining competitive advantage in today’s sportswear marketplace. For some programs, lead times are now as short as three weeks from order to shipment.”

“The FastReactPlan solution has supported our business change and, like us, their team follows a continuous improvement approach. “

“In our case, embellishment was one part of the manufacturing process that needed particular attention – their team listened to us and developed a much-improved solution.”

Prasanna Jayasekera, Chief Operations Officer
MAS Active

The integration process

FastReactPlan provides division-wise capacity management, order allocation and tracking, whilst allowing each strategic business unit to plan and manage independently. Significantly, FastReactPlan allowed the Active Division to make the move from style level to style/colour level planning, assisted by the interface to SAP which provides full visibility of materials availability to meet the plan.

The two-way interface with the SAP system also allows the latest ex-factory dates from the plan to be communicated back to the wider business via the SAP system.

The results

Since implementing FastReactPlan, the business has been able to manage both significant growth and increased style complexity with no increase in planning headcount. By capitalising on the information that FastReactPlan provides, along with good business disciplines, the MAS Active team have:

  • Reduced the time taken to plan a full ‘buy’ from a major customer from 2 weeks to around 1 day
  • Reduced raw materials inventory by around 4 days and finished goods inventory by around 5 days
  • Dramatically improved performance to plan (planned vs actual performance)
  • Increased factory productivity by several percentage points
  • Increased On-Time Delivery Performance (OTDP%) from around 80% to more than 98%, at the same time as significantly reducing lead times
  • Reduced air freight costs

“FastReactPlan supports the business improvement process by providing visibility and coordination to minimise errors and highlights potential problems quickly, so that they can be immediately rectified before they become an issue.”

“The reports offered are a major benefit and are used extensively both at the planner level and for decision making at the director level.”

Shirendra Lawrence, MD
MAS Active

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