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Norwood Fashions gains an edge over their production with Res.Q

Norwood has lowered their defect rate and standardised quality with Res.Q shop floor solutions.

Established in 2014 by enthusiastic and passionate professionals, Norwood Fashions was founded to bridge a gap in the market for apparel design, production, and manufacturing all under one roof. Norwood Fashions produces and impressive 2,000,000 pieces of garments per day, utilizing a full force of over a thousand machine operators operating across over 46 production lines.

  • Blue icon of a sewing machine Daily production capacity – 2,000,000 pieces
  • Blue icon of the globe Sri Lanka
Norwood Fashions gains an edge over their production with Res.Q
Casual wear, Nightwear, Baby wear and Lingerie manufactured by Norwood using Coats Digital’s Res.Q solution.

The challenge and solution

Standardizing quality in production
  • Handling production for Norwood Fashions in multiple factories came with the challenge of centralizing a standard quality in production as well as tracking said produced garments.
  • Norwood Fashions manufactured world class apparel and garments and looked to bridge the gap in standardizing quality across all factories as well as leverage on a solution that could be used for production tracking.
  • The reputed Manufacturer also had a necessity for working with real-time data, with the ability of retrieving reports instantaneously.
  • Through the continuous use of Res.Q | QMS, Norwood Fashions has been able to gain an edge over their production through lowering the defect rates of the garments as well as standardizing the quality of garments produced in their factories.
  • The ability to obtain real-time information of quality audits has also helped in Norwood Fashions’ ability to handle quality issues pro-actively and strategically.
  • Q | QMS also worked cohesively with Norwood Fashions goal of efficiency and productivity through minimizing waste by eliminating the use of paper, and instead, providing all the necessary data on a web-based interface from any inspection point.
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