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Jolanka optimises their Shop-Floor with Res.Q

By using the Res.Q Suite of solutions, Jolanka manages to reduce their end-line defect rate by 25%.

Jolanka began their journey in 1983 as a UK based manufacturer located in Manchester, quickly moving to set up manufacturing in Sri Lanka. The company now boasts of 4 facilities in Sri Lanka along with design, warehousing and distribution facilities in the UK. With a focus on the end-to-end supply chain, Jolanka produces over 800,000 units per month across 30 production lines. As a multi-product manufacturer, speed, agility and flexibility are at the heart of Jolanka’s operations, along with a strong focus on their associates.

  • Blue icon of a sewing machine Monthly production capacity – 800,000 pieces
  • Outline of a T-shirt and a dress Products – Casual wear, formal wear, beachwear
  • Blue icon of the globe Sri Lanka
Jolanka optimises their Shop-Floor with Res.Q
Fashion apparel manufactured by Jolanka using Coats Digital’s Res.Q solution.

The challenge and solution

Shipping goods on time in full 

In 2018, Jolanka was looking for a way to monitor their defect rates in real-time. Like in most factories, reports were done manually and often made available for review 24-48 hours later. This process was time-consuming, labour intensive and was often subject to error due to data-entry.

With increased style counts and lower quantities per style, the increased workload meant that data was often presented too late with an inability to correct the issues by the time a style was completed.

After evaluating several solutions, Jolanka opted for Res.Q | QMS. The solution was selected in order to provide real-time data, identify point of defects and to create alignment between all stakeholders within the factory and the management team.

“With RES.Q our defect rate dropped by 25%”

Denver Jayasundera, Group General Manager, JOLANKA

The end result was a reduction in end line defects of 25% enabling Jolanka to increase its On Time In Full shipments and subsequently increase customer satisfaction.

One of the key drivers of success from Jolanka was the commitment of their team. From Management through to leaders on the Shop Floor. Morning stand-up meetings are held between production, maintenance, and quality teams to ensure that the previous days’ issues are addressed within the first hour of production. Supervisors, in real time, are then able to assess products within the line to ensure that the garments are of expected quality.

With the Run Rate tracker, Production Managers are also able to review the timeliness of orders and highlight any potential delays. This enables them to prioritize resource allocation in real time.

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