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PT. Pan Brothers Tbk. boost their production efficiency by 10% using FastReactFabric (formerly IntelloCut)

FastReactFabric helped Pan Brothers to implement proper end-bit utilisation and fabric management on the cutting floor leading to significant efficiency improvements.

PT. Pan Brothers Tbk. is one of the biggest garment manufacturing organisations in Indonesia, and has production facilities in Tangerang, Bandung, Boyolali, Sragen, Demak, Ungaran and Tasikmalaya cities of Indonesia.

Their garment product line includes woven garments, such as padded and lightweight jackets, pants, shorts, casual pants, and dress shirts and technical, functional and activewear jackets suited for snowboarding, ski outerwear, activewear, jogging, hiking, and other sports and outdoor activities.

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100 %

Fabric tracking and visibility

10 %

Rise in production efficiency

PT. Pan Brothers Tbk. chose FastReactFabric (formerly IntelloCut) for :

  • 100% visibility
    Auto-generated reporting for 100% visibility.
  • Real-time fabric tracking
    Real-time fabric tracking on the floor, enabling better utilisation and end-bit management.
  • KPI benchmarking
    KPI Benchmarking Reports to help in highlighting any bottlenecks in the factory’s fabric utilisation performance, and equip them to take data-backed and informed business decisions.
  • Self-audit
    Set up of independent self-audit teams within the factory to ensure standardised and sustainable processes in the factory.

Fabric Optimisation with FastReactFabric

FastReactFabric’s diversity in providing solutions to curb the problems faced by the customers, attracted Pan Group. FastReactFabric offers exclusive range of reports catering to varied requirements:

1. Auto-generated reporting

FastReactFabric helped through auto-generated fabric reconciliation reports in a single click, giving the user visibility of ongoing consumptions, wastage trends, and cutting quantity.

2. Real-time fabric tracking

FastReactFabric’s ability to live track and record every inch of fabric that comes for spreading, helped the Pan team by giving auto-calculated production consumption, along with overall and segregated wastages. This helped the team to get more control over their production floor.

3. Advanced Tech algorithm

FastReactFabric’s artificial intelligence-based algorithm helped the team in the auto allocation of generated end-bits in the upcoming lays based on the lay length, fabric group and the number of plies, ensuring maximum utilisation.

4. KPI benchmarking reports

Post factory visit, the implementation team discussed with the factory team and worked on identifying their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and at the same time set the benchmarks for quantity analysis, fabric usage and fabric wastage breakdown.

The KPIs helped by highlighting the bottlenecks (if any) in the factory’s fabric utilisation performance and equip them to take data-backed and informed business decisions. This report provided the trend analysis for the factory with respect to their set benchmarks.

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Smart Fabric Planning with FastReactFabric

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