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Intimark uses FastReactPlan to improve operational efficiency

World class intimates and sports apparel manufacturer implements FastReactPlan to support speed programs and improve visibility, coordination and control, providing the foundations for further growth.

Intimark was founded in 1996 to take advantage of preferential NAFTA regulations and its geographical proximity to US customers looking for fast, efficient and reliable vendors. Intimark has gone on to build a name as a world-class manufacturer of intimates, sports and casual apparel, with a reputation for innovation, flexibility, speed of response and reliability, whilst always maintaining the highest standards of social and environmental compliance.

Intimark has two manufacturing facilities, with 1,500 employees, producing 32 million garments per year, and mainly for the US market. Customers include Limited Brands (Victoria’s Secret and Pink), Chico’s and ColdWater Creek.

  • Blue icon of a sewing machine Production capacity – 32 Million garments per year
  • Blue icon of three people 1500+ employees
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The Challenge

To efficiently manage business growth and the increased complexity brought about by more styles and smaller order quantities, in less and less time as lead times reduce…without negatively affecting the business’s impeccable reputation for reliability (delivery and quality), and compliance best practice (social and environmental).

The directors quickly recognised that the existing manual and largely disconnected systems then used for manufacturing planning and control, and so prevalent in the industry, were unsustainable in the face of these challenges and would not provide the firm foundations for further sustainable growth.

The Solution

Intimark’s goal was to find an industry-specific solution that would support fast, detailed and accurate planning, providing visibility and coordination across the organisation, and the ability to respond efficiently in an increasingly volatile market.

“In order to continue to respond efficiently and reliably to customer demands for increased speed to market, in an increasingly complex and growing business, we needed to replace existing manual systems for planning and control.

“The reality was that the business had outgrown these systems and they no longer provided the fast access to accurate, up to date information, and clear priorities that the business needed to take performance to the next level.”

President and CEO

The President and CEO continued, “After some initial market research, and discussions with industry contacts, it soon became clear that FastReactPlan planning and control solution, was the best solution. We found FastReactPlan to be a highly visual, intuitive solution that supports rapid user adoption. Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan local industry experts supported us during the implementation, and in particular, through the change management process as the business sought to standardise and enhance work procedures and disciplines as part of the improvement obtained with the implementation.”

Intimark’s EVP/Sales commented, “With FastReactPlan considering production capacity, product development activities and raw materials in a single integrated system, we are now able to respond to customer enquiries and provide order confirmation quickly and accurately. Once an order is placed, priorities for all departments, vendors and clients, are aligned and colour-coded alerts provide visual and early warnings of potential issues, allowing early action to prevent an impact on efficiency or customer delivery. As FastReactPlan also imports production updates, we are able to provide accurate and up to date information to associates and clients on order status.”  

“FastReactPlan allows us to create an accurate plan for sewing which minimises style changes, reflects training curves, and automatically schedules requirements for cutting and screen printing ensuring that priorities for all production departments are clearly aligned.

“Clear priorities are also provided for product development and materials so that when something changes e.g. a customer approval, then the plan can be quickly and easily updated providing visibility for everyone.”

Vice President – Manufacturing,

Oscar Gonzalez, Fast React (now Coats Digital) agent for the region stated, “We are delighted to be working with such a well-known and respected player in the region. We have worked closely with the Intimark team to ensure that the system is configured to maximise the benefits to the business, and supported them through the change management process as the team has challenged traditional paradigms, finding new ways to improve their planning process, increasing flexibility and reducing excess costs and lead times.”

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