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Texeurop (BD) Ltd automates 58% of their fabric cutting processes with Coats Digital’s FastReactFabric (Formerly IntelloCut)

FastReactFabric's automated, closed loop approach to fabric planning helps Texeurop to reduce time and effort, and maximise fabric utilisation.

Established in 2005, Texeurop (BD) Ltd. is a composite knitted fabric and garment manufacturer located in Gazipur, Bangladesh. Texeurop has an all-in-one set-up with inhouse knitting, dyeing (fabric and yarn), washing, garment dyeing, garment production, embroidery and printing facilities. The factory has a daily knitting capacity of 16 tons, dyeing capacity of 30 tons and production capacity of 70,000 garments.

With an yearly turnover of $50 million and a workforce of over 4,000, Texeurop manufactures for prominent markets such as Germany, Russia, Netherland and Spain, catering to major brands including Tom Tailor, Sportmaster Lerros, Gerry Weber, Polyconcept, El Corte Inglés and Mustang.

  • Blue icon of a sewing machine Production capacity – 70,000 garments per day | Knitting capacity – 16 tons | Dyeing capacity – 30 tons
  • Blue icon of three people Workforce – 4,000 employees
  • Blue globe icon Bangladesh

Challenges and their solutions

1. Fabric visibility and wastage tracking

Texeurop’s hard-working and dedicated cutting department was compliant with process requirements in order to ensure process success and delivery of desired outcomes, but the wastage tracking process was inefficient. With multiple style orders running at the same time, it was difficult for Texeurop’s cutting department to manually streamline the processes and keep accurate record of cutting data leading to lack of visibility. This meant the root cause of controlling preventable wastage was not established. The factory team needed a digital solution that could assist them to classify and gradually reduce wastage, and drive towards fabric optimisation.


Coats Digital’s FastReactFabric (formerly IntelloCut)  provides Texeurop with micro-level real-time tracking of the fabric on the cutting floor which provides visibility of the overall wastage, as well as identify the factors that majorly contribute to the waste in the factory. This visibility has assisted the Texeurop team to classify the wastage into ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ categories and enhance processes to minimise or eliminate the non-essential wastage, thereby improving fabric optimisation.

Texeurop team using FastReactFabric on the cutting floor
Texeurop team using FastReactFabric on the cutting floor


2. Gaps between booking consumption and achieved consumption

Fabric is the major constituent in the construction of a garment and therefore the consumption of fabric determines the final garment cost. Texeurop was seeing a significant gap between the achieved on-floor consumption and the booking consumption, leading to either over buying or under buying of the fabric, consequently resulting in either dead stock or short shipment.Texeurop aimed to identify and gradually reduce this gap between on-floor consumption and the booking consumption, but this was hard to achieve with manual processes and a lack visibility of fabric consumption.


FastReactFabric ( Formerly Intellocut ) real-time fabric tracking and data recording provided Texeurop with visibility of the running on-floor consumption. The intelligent fabric management software takes into account all the utilized fabric and the wastage to arrive at the final consumption, which is then compared with the booking consumption to identify gaps between the two values so the team can work towards reducing the gap.

The auto-generated insightful reports highlighted the areas of the process that were leading to the consumption gaps, helping Texeurop’s management team to take data backed decisions on time, consequently saving time and cost.

3. Real-time data capturing and reporting

Prior to the implementation of FastReactFabric in the Texeurop’s cutting department, handwritten laying sheets and manually arranged formats/spreadsheets were used for data recording. When referring to a specific set of data, such as fabic summary or monthly data trends, multiple disconnected excel sheets had to be manually accessed and reconciled, which was prone to human errors and took a lot of time, effort and resources.


Coats Digital’s proven solution and deep industry expertise was a perfect fit to help Texeurop achieve its vision to connect and automate the cutting room processes. FastReactFabric helped to automate the data recording process on the cutting floor and provided auto-reconciled reports, eliminating the process of manual entries in the lay slips.

The FastReactFabric system records the entire data entries and revisions that happen on floor in real-time. Moreover, after completion of an order, the order lifecycle and fabric utilisation can be analysed at the different stages through the auto reconciled reports in a single click. The Texeurop factory team are now equipped with customised KPI reporting, giving them a bird’s eye view on the overall wastage occurring on the cutting floor, duly organised and segregated on the basis of the customer (brand) and the product, enabling complete process control.

“FastReactFabric ( Formerly IntelloCut ) has helped us to gain full control over fabric usage in our cutting department. Not only has it automated the cutting room planning process but also provided us with valuable insights and detailed reports to analyse our cutting performance, and take informed and data-backed decisions to stay efficient, productive and profitable.”

M. Zulfiker Ahmed, G.M.(Operation),
Texeurop Bangladesh
4. Process Automation

Texeurop has received a gradual increase in the number of styles over the past years, which has lead to in a rise in planning and execution time. As a result, the frequency of process repetition has also increased. The manual methods of order planning and execution, along with the manual data reconciliation, added up to a significant amount of time and effort for the Texeurop team.


FastReactFabric automates the cutting room planning, delivering the best cutting and execution plan in a few clicks. The system’s end-to-end control gives the team a complete status of the on-going processes.

With the help of FastReactFabric advanced cut plan along with automated execution, Texeurop is able to automate 58% of their entire cutting room processes, which helps to create a hassle-free environment with the ability to identify and reduce the recurring errors.

“The amount of dedication, diligence and eagerness shown by the Texeurop team to adapt to FastReactFabric ( Formerly IntelloCut ) is commendable. At the time of a pandemic, connecting and collaborating through online channels was an important aspect of delivering a successful FastReactFabric implementation and we’re glad that Texeurop has gained multiple benefits with the help of FastReactFabric.”

“We hope to build a deeper and stronger relationship with Texeurop and help their business to achieve new heighs with our world-class technology solutions.”

Kundan Sengupta,
Country Manager (Bangladesh), Coats Digital

Key Benefits and ROI

Coats Digital symbol on tablet

Automation of 58% of fabric cutting room processes

Fabric icon with pie chart on top

Consumption visibility for an efficient production environment

Blue showing Real-time Fabric Tracking and Data Capturing

Real-time fabric management and fabric wastage identification

Blue icon of graphs on desktop computer

Customised KPI reporting for better decision making

Icon of fabric roll with a cog on top

Automated fabric planning and execution

FastReactFabric’s automated, closed-loop approach to fabric planning reduces the amount of effort and time spent on re-planning, and at the same time maximises fabric utilisation. Backed by artificial intelligence, FastReactFabric is suitable for fashion manufacturers of all types and sizes. It learns and advances with the cutting floor, delivering an effortless approach to fabric utilisation.

Backed by artificial intelligence, FastReactFabric is suitable for fashion manufacturers of all types and sizes. It learns and advances with your cutting floor, delivering an effortless approach to fabric utilisation.

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Smart Fabric Planning with FastReactFabric

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