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GSDCost implementation is the catalyst for change at Sabrina

By using GSDCost, the innovative garment manufacturer, has increased productivity efficiencies by 15% as well as significantly improving methods.

Sabrina was founded in 1974 and have its headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan. They have garment manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Sabrina commits itself to the innovation and production of performance apparel and is now one of the largest producers in the global supply chain.

They produce high-quality apparel including cycling apparel, training apparel, protective base layer, tennis clothing, golf garments, etc.

  • Outline of a T-shirt and a dress Products – Activewear and sportswear
  • Blue icon with cog and a clock at the bottom Efficiency elevation: 10-15%
  • Blue icon of the globe Taiwan

Their innovation capability in garment production, attention to quality, and timely delivery have earned the business a distinctive reputation within the industry. The capabilities and effectiveness of the management have been elevated as the GSDCost projects made the whole process of change more objective, measurable and enhanced communication within the internal team. Companies who implement GSDCost see increased productivity efficiencies and also method improvements. Sabrina soon experienced both of these benefits:

1. Catalyst for change – Increased productivity efficiency

Sabrina has seen an elevation of their productivity efficiencies of between 10% and 15%. Establishing accurate and optimised efficiencies within a garment manufacturing unit ensures more consistent and relevant data for use in fact-based costing, line balancing, and production planning, with known capacities.

2. Catalyst for change – Method improvement

Since introducing GSDCost into their business the team of trained and qualified GSD practitioners at Sabrina now see and think in the language of human motion.

This, together with a commitment to Lean Manufacturing Excellence, has enabled Sabrina to identify and reduce waste within their production units, which was present within the methods used before the GSDCost implementation. Additionally, through the introduction of detailed method standards, quality is improved as their processes now have increased consistency with less method variability.

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