Data-driven fabric buying solution for accurate fabric consumption

IntelloBuy allows manufacturers to accurately estimate fabric consumption at the buying stage. This allows manufacturers to buy the correct amount of fabric for their orders, reducing fabric costs and increasing margins.

IntelloBuy uses advanced technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to solve the problems generated by complex new styles, shrinking lead times, and planning with manual tools. It also solves the restrictions in accurate fabric booking due to incomplete information. IntelloBuy is proven to:

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Automates the entire fabric booking process, seamlessly handling numerous styles with AI-assisted planning tools, ensuring quick turn around and reduced errors.

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Integrates easily with ERP and CAD technologies in the factory. Transfers thousands of cut plans in just one-click to the desired CAD system.

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Accelerates the fabric buying process, reducing manual processes and leveraging AI and big data to increase productivity and shorten lead times.

Typical business benefits

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Automation of buying process

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Reduction in fabric buying time

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Reduction in fabric cost

“We have cut 3-5 days out of a typical garment lead time. Using IntelloBuy, which integrates with our CAD platform, we reduced our buying consumption by 2% to 3%.”

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How it works

IntelloBuy process flow

IntelloBuy Process Flow

Key processes managed by IntelloBuy

  • Icon of fabric roll with dollar sign on top Fabric estimation

    IntelloBuy enables fabric booking teams to estimate accurate fabric consumption through automation, production grade cut-plans and curated settings that mimic the factory environment. IntelloBuy thereby empowers factories to estimate multiple products and styles and accurately estimate fabric consumption in just a few clicks.

    Key benefits

    • Enable manufacturers to eliminate manual, time-consuming processes and empower them with automation, speed and accuracy, accelerating the fabric estimation process.

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    Screenshot of Fabric Estimation in Coats Digital's IntelloBuy solution

  • Blue icon of discs with magnifying glass with a tick in the middle Historical cutting data

    During fabric booking, most factories do not have complete order details and estimate fabric consumption using standard ratios and buffers. With Big Data and AI, IntelloBuy can do millions of historical fabric data lookups within seconds to intelligently predict wastage and size-wise breakdown.

    Key benefits

    • Buying accuracy through big data analytics eliminates chances of errors and hours spent in estimating size-ratios, wastage and compiling reports, ultimately preventing over-buying or under-buying.
    • Utilising the factories historical data for missing data points during the fabric buying process helps reduce the fabric buying lead time drastically

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    Historical Cutting Data in Coats Digital's IntelloBuy solution

  • Blue CAD file icon CAD integration

    With IntelloBuy, factories can transfer thousands of cut plans into their CAD systems in one-click. IntelloBuy integrates with Gerber, Lectra and Gemini CAD systems to aid their marker making process.

    Along with cut plans, IntelloBuy generates marker making instructions that are imported into the CAD systems. Marker reports from CAD systems can then be re-imported into IntelloBuy to calculate accurate booking consumption.

    Key benefits

    • Provide cut plan ratios and all marker making instructions to the existing CAD systems and automatically queue thousands of markers in one click.
    • Instant import/export of marker details saves time, reduces manual effort and eliminates risk of errors.

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    Screenshot of critical path management in Coats Digital's IntelloBuy solution

  • Blue icon of desktop showing graphs Business intelligence reporting

    IntelloBuy’s KPI driven dashboard provides management with fast access to performance against key business metrics for improved decision making and performance, while simple excel-based reports are easy to understand and provide details of each element used to estimate the buying consumption for an order.

    Key benefits

    • KPI dashboard provides management with fast access to accurate information on performance, driving improved data insights and performance.
    • Data backed insights and business intelligence helps senior management visualise and pinpoint the areas that require immediate action.
    • Excel-based reporting supports analysis of buying trends through easy customable reports based on product, products, customer and timeline.
    • Complete visibility of fabric cost and existing processes ensure transparency.

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    Screenshot of KPI reports in Coats Digital's IntelloBuy solution

What our customers say

Delivering real results


Epyllion Group reduce fabric buying cost by 2%

“IntelloBuy’s process automation and accuracy have allowed us to become more dynamic and competitive in the readymade garment industry. We are happy to see the continuous improvement in our fabric booking process.”

Why choose IntelloBuy

IntelloBuy is designed specifically to help manufacturers accurately estimate fabric for booking by enabling automation, on-time planning, access to historical production orders and integration with CAD systems for thousands of orders in a single go.


Transforms the fabric estimation and booking process leveraging AI, big data and agile analytics to replace traditional manual methods.


Integrates with CAD and ERP systems in the factory, to eliminate duplication of data input, improving data integrity and communication across the business.


Industry and technical expertise, leveraged through artificial intelligence, provide fast, actionable data insights, highlighting areas for continuous improvement.


Fast to implement and easy to use, IntelloBuy helps manufacturers save of their biggest cost – fabric – with typical reductions in fabric cost of 2-5%

Find out how IntelloBuy can help you reduce your fabric buying time and accurately estimate fabric to reduce costs by up to 5%

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