Real-time fabric planning solution for optimised fabric utilisation

IntelloCut is designed to give control over fabric usage in the cutting room by optimising key processes, including the generation of cut plans, lay plans and allocation, end bit usage and management, as well as tracking and reporting.

IntelloCut’s automated, closed-loop approach to fabric planning reduces the amount of time and effort spent on planning and re-planning, and at the same time maximises fabric utilisation. IntelloCut is proven to:

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Automated, dynamic and real-time fabric planning, replacing manual processes to reduce time and effort

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Integrate with other technologies for a truly connected cutting room with complete visibility and actionable insights

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Increase speed of planning cycle and ensure product / customer-based cut plan to reduce consumption and manage on-floor execution

Typical business benefits

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Reduction in cut room planning time

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Reduction in fabric cost

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Tracking of fabric

“While fabric saving was the highlight, it was IntelloCut’s overall approach to streamline processes and to generate precise automated reports, which made a difference for us.”

Dekko Group (Bangladesh)

Key processes managed by IntelloCut

  • Blue icon of clip board with cog overlay Fabric planning automation

    IntelloCut plans smartly with AI-assisted cutplan, takes care of complex styles, to find the best plan from millions of possible combinations in a few seconds. IntelloCut automates all the planning processes right from cutplan to lay plan with the ability to change plans in real-time, based on the on-floor variations and feedback.

    Key benefits

    • Fast, AI-driven planning ensures accurate plan and shortens lead time.
    • AI-assisted product/customer tailored cut plan reduces consumption and ensures practical on-floor execution.
    • Replaces manual planning cycle time to reduce duplication of data entry, workload and risk of errors.

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    Screenshot of IntelloCut's Cut plan module

  • Coats Digital symbol on tablet Fabric execution automation

    Controls key processes, such as generation of lay plan, lay allocation, fabric group and lay association, avoiding information delay and manual paper-based inefficiencies. Integrates with other technologies in the factory with intuitive interfaces, giving you a digitally connected cutting room.

    Key benefits

    • Automation of fabric execution eliminates paper-based lay slips and manual table planning, ensures easy record-keeping and reduces errors.
    • Visibility and control of cutting room execution provides the ability to pro-actively address on-floor variations with real-time re-planning to handle deviations against the original plan and optimise fabric utilisation and performance.

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  • Blue ERP icon ERP integration

    IntelloCut’s integration with ERP ensures that the two systems can communicate and exchange data smoothly, eliminating duplication of data entry and reducing risk of errors.

    Key benefits

    • Order information can be directly pulled into IntelloCut from ERP, no manual data entry required, saving time and effort.
    • Fabric usage summary directly updated in ERP resulting in improved visibility of key production data.

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    Screenshot of lay plan module in Coats Digital's IntelloCut solution

  • Blue icon of roll of fabric with automation symbol Fabric roll end-bit planning and management

    IntelloCut provides real-time data on the number of lays completed on the cutting floor and the fabric roll end-bits generated from the completed lays. These end-bits are automatically suggested in upcoming planned lays and labelled with the length along with their roll number. It then triggers a notification once the lengths of unused end-bits generated in completed lays are enough to complete the remaining order quantity, resulting in significant fabric savings in roll form.

    Key benefits

    • End-bit markers are planned automatically based on the actual end-bits generated and remaining target quantity.
    • Re-planning based on real-time feedback from the cutting room floor.
    • The utilisation of end bits at the cutting stage helps to reduce fabric wastage and improve fabric utilisation.

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    Screenshot of end bit management in Coats Digital's IntelloCut solution

  • Blue showing Real-time Fabric Tracking and Data Capturing Fabric tracking and data capture

    IntelloCut captures all historical, as well as real-time data generated on the cutting room floor to reduce the time spent in planning, re-planning and cut execution. The solution tracks every inch of fabric to provide a clear picture of the running fabric consumption and achievable cut quantity from fabric balances, highlighting the fabric used, saved and wasted on the cutting room floor.

    Key benefits

    • End-to-end fabric tracking, shop floor feedback and live production status gives planners visibility to make real-time decisions.
    • Plan/re-plan based on real-time on-floor variations to allow early proactive action and reduce firefighting.
    • AI-based tablet application allows tracking of fabric based on roll or shade, replacing paper-based communication to reduce time and effort, and improve speed and accuracy of data capture.

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    Screenshot of roll tracking in Coats Digital's IntelloCut solution
    Screenshot of roll tracking in IntelloCut
  • Blue icon of desktop showing graphs Business intelligence reporting

    IntelloCut’s KPI-driven dashboard provides instant visibility of key cutting room metrics with a drill down based on customer and product for quick access more detailed data. IntelloCut’s comprehensive reports, such as the Fabric Reconciliation Report and Fabric Utilisation Report, provides planned and actual data from the cutting floor to deliver actionable intelligence in intuitive reports for stakeholders.

    Key benefits

    • Planning and cutting department have access to data-driven insights and can analyse the cutting room performance to identify areas for continuous improvement initiatives.
    • The KPI dashboard, with a dedicated mobile app, provides senior management with fast access to accurate information on performance against key business metrics, on any device, driving greater data insights, improved decision making and performance.

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    Screenshot of dashboard in Coats digital's IntelloCut solution
    Screenshot of dashboard in IntelloCut

What our customers say

Delivering real results

Cutting machine cutting patterned fabric

Univogue Group reduce planning time by 82%

IntelloCut helps Univogue Garments achieve efficient fabric handling and cutting room automation, to reduce planning time by 82% and reduce fabric waste by 2%.

Why choose IntelloCut?

Adopted by over 150 manufacturers across 15 countries, IntelloCut is infused with Artificial Intelligence, agile analytics and mobile technology that is designed specifically to help manufacturers optimise fabric utilisation and reduce fabric wastage.


Transforms the cutting floor using advanced technologies, replacing current manual methods of planning and execution.


Integrates with other software solutions in the factory for seamless inter-department communication.


Receives real-time feedback from mobile devices to deliver intelligent planning.


Saves on the biggest cost – Fabric. Delivers clear savings of up to 5%.

Take a big stride forwards

Towards an optimised future powered by technology-based solutions that deliver significant, sustainable improvements in cost-efficiency, speed and productivity.

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